What are the national anti-viral drugs for children?

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In the first 10-12 years of life, human immunity is in the formation stage. The child adapts to the viruses, "earning" diseases further immunity to these infections.

Children's team in the garden and school - the most favorable environment for the spread of viruses. Folk remedies help to increase the resistance of the body to diseases without side effects.

Article content:
  • When you need it?
  • Best Recipes
  • Vitamin C
  • Onions with honey
  • «therapeutic milk»
  • Honey
  • Chamomile
  • Copious warm drink
  • Garlic
  • salt and soda
  • nasal lavage
  • tea with raspberries
  • Dry mustard
  • Iodine Mesh
  • for prevention of viral diseases
  • Conclusion

When are you needed?

99% of all viral infections that children suffer from are ARVI, respiratory infections that affect the respiratory system.

Bacilli penetrate the cells of the mucosa, become one with them and the cells themselves start producing new infected cells. Antiviral drugs are designed to stop this production.

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Folk recipes support immunity and help the body resist infection.

You can not start a disease, in the hope that "it will pass by itself".It is necessary to fight against viruses, since otherwise ARVI can give complications in a weak child's body. The most frequent complications are: otitis, tracheitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia.

They happen when the virus meets bacteria that live in cells. Viral infection is transformed into bacterial and often it is treated only with antibiotics.

These diseases in children develop rapidly, the younger the child, the faster the infection penetrates deep. In the zone of greatest risk, children under two years of age.

One of the most dangerous complications is spasms of the respiratory tract( stenosis of the larynx with laryngitis, obstruction in bronchitis), also because of unformed nasal septums the edema of the nasal mucosa develops rapidly.

Therefore it is important to start antiviral therapy from the very beginning of the disease, so that children's immunity quickly coped with the virus infection.

In addition to ARVI, there are other viruses that are not so rare and familiar: chickenpox, herpes( for the treatment of herpes on the lips read in this article), rotavirus( intestinal flu) and others.

With these infections, antiviral drugs are powerless. In addition to treatment of symptoms and relief of acute conditions, one can only take fortified preparations.

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The best recipes of

Folk remedies have been used for decades and more than one generation has seen with their own eyes their effectiveness. If pharmacy antiviral drugs - the reason for the constant debate about effectiveness, moreover, are addictive, then folk remedies are good and that help everyone and always( with very few exceptions).

Vitamin C

This is a good stimulant of immunity, it will increase the body's resistance to the virus. The most simple and affordable foods rich in vitamin C are lemon and dogrose. Lemon can be put in tea or finely chopped and mixed with honey or sugar, and there are 1-2 spoons several times a day. Briar can be brewed as a drink and drink in a warm form.

Onion with honey

For symptoms of acute respiratory viral infection, a mixture of onion and honey is very helpful. The medium-sized bulb should be grated( or ground with a blender until it is mushy).In the bow add 3 teaspoons of honey. You can even put candied honey, when mixed with onions, it will melt. The mixture is eaten on a spoon several times a day.

"Healing milk"

Milk warm up. It must necessarily be warm, but in no case is it hot. In warm milk add half a spoonful of butter, dissolve and drink slowly, in small sips. If there is a cough, then in the milk with oil you can add half a teaspoon of soda, it dilutes sputum.


Honey is a natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent, in addition it softens the sore throat and soothes irritated mucous membranes. Honey can be simply eaten with spoons, you can put it in tea instead of sugar, you can mix it in recipes above - with lemon, with onions, with milk.


You need to brew chamomile flowers and rinse your throat with broth, add a decoction to tea or drink a few sips during the day. Camomile well relieves inflammation. On the useful properties of chamomile pharmacy read the link.

Plentiful warm drink

This recommendation is almost always prescribed by doctors in addition to medicines. Incomplete tea with lemon and / or honey, dog rose, chamomile, compotes, fruit drinks - all these drinks relieve inflammation, stimulate immunity and "wash away" the infection from the body.


A good natural antiviral. You can eat garlic with bread, or rub garlic bread, or add garlic clove to food.

Salt and soda

In a glass of warm water, dissolve half a teaspoon of salt and soda. This mixture removes inflammation and acts as an antimicrobial agent.

Nasal flushing

Every hour, it is advisable to wash the nose with the usual saline solution purchased at the pharmacy. Children do not know how to do full flushing, so it's enough to bury them half a drop of saline into each nostril. It's just a saline solution that moistens the nasal mucosa and "flushes out" the infection.

Raspberry tea

This recipe could be attributed to a warm drink, but raspberry is a real storehouse of beneficial properties for a viral infection, and tea with raspberry jam is perhaps the most effective remedy for ARVI.Raspberry works as a natural immunostimulant, relieves inflammation, warms up the throat, helps to bring down the temperature.

Dry mustard

As soon as it begins to twist in the nose and sore in the throat( the first manifestations of acute respiratory viral infection), it is necessary to put a little dry mustard on the nights, it warms the legs well. This recipe can not be used for children under 3 years old.

Iodine mesh

Well helps with the first viral cold( when the nose is pouring literally water) iodine grid on the soles of the feet. Such a grid can be done even for children up to a year.

For the prevention of viral diseases

Before the child is ill, you can take regular simple preventive measures that should become a way of life.

They will strengthen the general condition of the body and increase resistance to viruses.

  • Provide in the house where the child lives fresh and moist air .It is necessary to ventilate the room on a regular basis. Humidify the air with an air humidifier, and if it is not possible, hang wet sheets, sprinkle water, arrange bowls with water around the room. This is especially true in winter, the batteries dry the air very much, the mucous membrane dries up in the nose and mouth, and the baby becomes an easy target for viruses.
  • Wear children according to the weather. For a healthy child, it's better to freeze slightly than to overheat. But the feet should be warm and dry.
  • Do not overfeed , but make sure that the child drank a lot. But to drink not sweet juices, but compotes, decoctions of herbs or dog rose, pure water, weak tea.
  • Provide the children with sleep and wake mode. The child should eat and sleep at the same time. This is useful not only for the general condition of the body, but also for the nervous system.
  • Enter the onion and garlic, as well as honey, in your daily diet .

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Parents should understand that when treating children, you need to be as attentive as possible, to monitor any changes in the child's condition. The best treatment is a set of measures and a golden mean.

It's great when it turns out to cope with the virus without the help of medications, but if the child's condition does not improve, then do not give up the chemist's drugs.

See the video about the treatment of viral diseases folk remedies: