Exercises on the fitball for the spine

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  • 1Exercises for the spine on fitball (gymnastic ball)
    • 1.1Key Points of Occupation
    • 1.2Application and use of the methodology
    • 1.3Therapeutic complex
    • 1.4Tips and Tricks
  • 2What are the exercises on the fitball for the back?
    • 2.1What is fitball?
    • 2.2Complex exercises on fitbole
  • 3Exercises with the ball (fitbolom) for the spine, gymnastic complex on the ball to strengthen and relax the muscles of the back and neck
    • 3.1Than useful exercises on the fitball for the back
    • 3.2Indications and contraindications
    • 3.3Preparation for exercise therapy
    • 3.4Technique for doing exercises with fitball
    • 3.5Complex of exercises with a hernia of the spine
    • 3.6Exercises with a fitball to relax the muscles
    • 3.7Complications and consequences
    • 3.8Feedback on the use of fitball
  • 4Exercises with the ball for the spine
    • 4.1Gymnastics and diseases of the spine
    • 4.2Muscles of the back
    • 4.3Fitbol
    • 4.4Requirements for fitball
    • 4.5Exercises for the spine
    • 4.6Training for the muscles of the back and spine
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  • 5Exercises on the back for the spine on the ball: complexes for the thoracic and lumbar spine
    • 5.1What is a gym ball?
    • 5.2General information
    • 5.3For what purposes is it used?
    • 5.4Choosing a gymnastic ball
    • 5.5Exercises on fitball
    • 5.6Basic Rules for Exercising
    • 5.7Complex exercises for the spine
    • 5.8Exercises for flexibility of the spine
    • 5.9Exercises for the alignment of the spine
    • 5.10Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine
    • 5.11Exercises in the curvature of the spine
    • 5.12Universal Exercises

Exercises for the spine on fitball (gymnastic ball)

Exercises for the spine on fitbole - this is a good method of prevention and treatment of all diseases of the back. Such exercises will help relieve the load from the back, strengthen the muscles.

In addition, the mobility of the joints develops, even if they have been limited in places by movement. If instead of a chair to use a special ball, then gradually the posture will improve.

Key Points of Occupation

Fitball is a gymnastic shell of a universal type. Its diameter is usually about 50-75 cm. There are several modifications.

For example, the ball is used not only with a perfectly round, but also with an oval shape. There are models for children and pregnant women.

Usually such a ball is made of synthetic material.

Because the ball is not a stable, stable object, unlike a chair, a person has to strain the whole body to sit on it and not fall down.

As a result, the entire body trains: these are good activities not only for the spine, but also for the muscles of the back, hips, pelvis, and the press. In addition, the gym ball is suitable for every person.

To make tasks more simple or complex, you just need to change the position of the body, thereby increasing the support on the floor or on the ball.

Application and use of the methodology

A gymnastic ball is used in physiotherapy for back problems. In addition, exercises with it will benefit people who undergo rehabilitation after their injuries. Also, simple training removes the load from the back during pregnancy, because

during this period, the waist is severely affected. Muscles of stabilization appointment, which should be responsible for strengthening and maintaining the spine, also come in a tone. And in training, emphasis is placed on these muscles.

In addition, training with balls is a good prevention of various pathologies of the spine.

Gymnastic ball has the main advantages. First, it helps improve coordination of movements. Secondly, it burns a lot of energy, which is useful for losing weight, but the exercises for back are very simple.

Also, due to the fact that you constantly have to balance on an unstable subject, the blood flow improves. As a result, metabolic processes improve, and the body begins to lose weight. By the way, all the exercises are not strong, so you do not have to worry about it.

But the body will become more fit and flexible.

It is important to choose the right shell for yourself. By the way, it depends on the growth of a person. Otherwise, the load will not be optimal. If a person's height is approximately 151-164 cm, then the diameter of the projectile should be approximately 55 cm.

If the height is approximately 165-185 cm, the fitball should be chosen with a diameter of 65 cm.

For people with spinal problems who are just starting to practice with fitball, such parameters of the projectile will be ideal.

Therapeutic complex

Exercises on the ball will perfectly help and treat the spine, and prevent the disease.

  • 1This task is used to develop the progressive motor abilities of the body in the pelvic region. First you need to prepare a gym ball. Now you need to turn on the music. It is necessary to sit on a shell. In this case, the back is located exactly. To the music you need to go forward and backward, and then to the sides. Now you need to make circular movements hips clockwise and in the opposite direction. Then you need to jump carefully, but the amplitude should be small, and the movements themselves - soft. The entire complex should be performed within a few minutes.
  • 2This complex is required in the case when it is necessary to develop stabilization. Again it is required to sit on the ball during the exercise. Hands should be spread apart, while they are located in a horizontal position. Now you need to raise your leg. In this position, you need to start bouncing. The amplitude of movement is small. It is recommended that you help yourself with the second leg, which is bent at the knee and rests on the floor. Then you need to ride in hand, forward, backward, and then make circular motions in turn in both directions. After that, you need to change your foot for support and repeat all movements. Experts recommend making 10 approaches per foot.
  • 3The following complex will help to strengthen the abdominal muscles and thighs, as well as those parts that are responsible for extension of the spine. It is necessary to lie on the ball belly. In this case, the feet should be supported against the wall. Put your hands in front of your chest. Further on inhalation it is necessary to lift a part of the body to the waist, thus opening the thorax as much as possible due to the fact that the arms are divorced to the sides and back. It is necessary to try so that the shoulder blades are in contact. The palms should look forward, and the thumbs up. When exhaling, slowly lower your hands, and then fold them on your chest. During the task, the legs can not be bent. Such a complex is recommended to be repeated 10 times. At each training, as far as possible, it is necessary to increase the number of approaches.
  • 4The following complex is recommended to perform in order to straighten the spine. It is necessary to sit on your knees and lean on your heels. Hands with the palms down should be placed on the ball. When exhaling, you need to roll back the projectile neatly, while stretching the entire body. Thus, the spine will be maximally stretched. If inhaled, return to the first position. This task should be performed several times in a row.
  • 5This exercise is useful for lateral alignment of the spine. Again you need to sit on the ball. Legs should be placed wider than shoulders. It is necessary to make slopes in the sides in turn. In this case, the opposite hand should be pulled over your head and pulled to the side. You need to stretch your back as hard as possible.
  • To strengthen the back muscles in the lumbar region, the following exercise is developed. You need to lie on your back on the floor, putting a mat under the body. Legs need to be straightened and put on the ball. Hands lie along the trunk. Now the pelvis needs to be carefully lifted so that the body ends up in one line. In this position, you need to stay a little longer, and then gently and slowly lower the pelvis to its original position. This task is recommended to be repeated 20 times.
  • The following exercise looks like a coup on the ball. It is necessary to lay down a stomach on a shell. From rolling the ball moves and the body. It is necessary to roll your body through the side. Then the exercise is required in the opposite direction. First you need to lie on one side, then roll on your back, on the other side and back. In both directions it is recommended to repeat several times.
  • 8This complex looks like a twist. This time on fitbole you need to have your back. At the same time, the legs are bent at the knees, and the hands are fixed together and stretched, placing them behind the head. It is necessary to stretch the crown and at the same time gently curl it in one direction or the other.
  • 9This complex helps to develop the lower back. It is necessary to sit on the mat lying down. Should rely on the hands that are bent. Between the legs is the ball. Now you have to slide your left foot over its surface and move it to the right, and then repeat the same to the left. It is better to try to immediately use the entire lower back. In this case, the shoulders should be flat, not skewed.
  • 10This complex is designed to stretch the dorsal muscles. Again you need to sit on a ball and bend over, make a round back. Under the knees you need to fix your hands. Further it is necessary to stretch the thoracic area of ​​the back up as far as possible, while the neck muscles should be completely relaxed. The same goes for the shoulders. When exhaling, gently tilt the upper body to the legs that are straightened. You can not strain yourself too much. In this position, you need to lie for half a minute, and then return to the original position of the body. Such an exercise should be done several times, trying every time to bend lower.
  • 11For the body to relax at the end of the workout, you can perform the last exercise. You need to lie on the shell with your back. At the same time, the legs are straight and slightly divorced. You have to cuddle your feet to the floor. Hands should stretch over their heads. In this situation, you need to breathe deeply and evenly. A person with each breath will feel a stretch.

Tips and Tricks

With the ball for the spine, a lot of exercises have been developed that will help not only improve posture, but also cure back diseases.

Do not overexert yourself, especially for beginners. The load should be gradually increased. In addition, pain can not be done. It is important to watch your own breathing.

It is best to consult a doctor in advance and pick up exercises.

As for the duration and frequency of training, it will be enough to practice 2-3 times a week for 30-50 minutes.

A source: http://LechenieGryzhi.ru/uprazhneniya-dlya-pozvonochnika-na-fitbole/

What are the exercises on the fitball for the back?

Modern occupations assume a sedentary lifestyle, leading to back pain, with which the exercises on the fitball for the spine will help.

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Doctors advise to use this multifunctional shell, since it does not require significant material costs, it makes it possible to conduct training at home without supervision of a specialist.

Exercises with the ball for the spine are recommended for correcting the posture, with osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, and also strengthening the muscles. When pregnant, gymnastics relieves stress on the lower back.

What is fitball?

Fitball - universal sports equipment. In form represents a large ball (its average diameter is 45-85 cm). Types of such shells:

  1. On the surface - smooth, with pimples, with handles (horns).
  2. In form - standard round, oval.

The ball is suitable for people of different ages, complexion, as it can withstand weight up to 300 kg. The projectile is universal, but choosing the diameter of the fitball, it is worth considering its growth. Approximate ratio of height and size of the ball:

  • Up to 150 cm - 45 cm;
  • Up to 165 cm - 55 cm;
  • Up to 185 cm - 65 cm;
  • Up to 200 cm - 75 cm;
  • More than 200 cm - 85 cm.

Tip: while buying to sit on the fitball, if the knees will bully up - it is worth choosing a diameter larger.

Doing exercises for back on fitbole it is necessary to remember several rules:

  1. For an unprepared body, start with small loads, a small number of approaches, increasing gradually. This is necessary to avoid possible injuries, sprains, discomfort.
  2. It is responsible for the classes, especially with the problem back. Disregarding the advice and rules, training will be harmful, after which it is difficult to restore the back.
  3. Do not believe the myths that the ball can burst, especially stun. The material of such shells is durable, so it does not carry any harm.
  4. When it starts to seem that the load does not bring the expected result, it is worth pumping the ball more, making it less stable. Muscles of the back will work more actively.

Complex exercises on fitbole

Stretching helps to remove tension.

  • Get on your knees by placing the ball in front of you.
  • Lower hands over the fitball, tilting the body parallel to the floor.
  • Exhalation - raise and round the back, throw the ball to the body, head down to the chest.
  • Hold in this position for 30 seconds, keeping your breathing steady.
  • Inhale - take the initial position, rest a little and re-execute.

The next exercise for stretching the spine, helping in the fight against osteochondrosis: stretching.

  1. Sit on top of the fitball, legs bend at the knees, hands resting against the wall.
  2. Inhale - the ball is rolled back as much as possible, leaving your hands still. The spine will begin to stretch.
  3. Stay in this position 2 - 3 minutes, keeping the breath steady.
  4. Exhale - accept the initial position.

Twists on the fitball develop the flexibility of the spine, help with stagnation of salts in the back.

  • Lying on his back, throwing his legs on the ball, the emphasis with his hands, spread out on the sides.
  • Do rolls with the ball left and right, so that the knee touches the floor. Try to move only the hip joints, not helping with the hands.

After a long working day, the back tension is felt to relax the muscles:

  1. Lie with your back on the ball, stretch your legs, press your feet to the floor, throw your hands behind your head, touch your palms with the floor.
  2. Should be calm, even breathing. When you inhale, the body should relax, exhale - easily, smoothly strain.

Exercise aimed at the development of hip joints:

  • With the maximum-straight back sit on the top of the ball.
  • Do circular rotations with hips, keeping the same rhythm. Be sure to observe the rhythm of breathing, which should be calm, even, measured.

To strengthen the muscles of the back and the press, we offer the following set of exercises:

  1. Lie on top of the ball, leaning on the floor with your hands and feet. Extend the arm and the opposite leg (for example, the left arm is the right leg). Hold this position for 4-5 seconds. During exhalation return to the starting position. Change the arm and leg, reapply.
  2. Lying belly on the ball, lower your legs and hands down. Inhale - to stretch hands and feet at the same time, the body should be parallel to the floor. Exhale - slowly accept the starting position.
  3. Lie with your belly on top of the ball, hands rest on the floor. Try to raise straight legs above the body level. Exercise is already for more experienced lovers of practicing on fitball. Strengthens not only the muscles of the back, but also the press.
  4. Complicated the previous exercise. Lying belly over the ball, hands grip the ball. Raise your legs slightly above the level of the trunk. To keep the balance, the muscles will tense.
  5. Suitable for trained athletes. Take the position lying down, putting your feet on the projectile. Inhale - pull your knees to your chest, exhale - take the starting position. Strengthens the muscles of the waist, the press, shoulders.
  6. The previous exercise in a complicated form: to accept the same initial position. Inhale - raise the pelvis, as if trying to make a roll, keep the knees as straight as possible. Hold for about 2-3 seconds. Exhalation - take the starting position.
  7. For those wishing to make stronger not only the muscles of the back, but also the buttocks. Take the position lying on the floor, put the feet over the ball, hands should be along the trunk. Raise the pelvis maximally upward, keeping the balance, stay about 4-6 seconds, return to the starting position. When performing, be careful, if the muscle strength is not enough to keep the balance, it is better to start the exercise from the floor.
  8. Lay your belly on the ball, remove your hands behind your head, with your socks resting on the floor (if it's hard to stay, use the wall to fix the position with your heels). Lift the body along the floor. It is aimed at strengthening the waist and gluteus muscle.

A source: https://pozvonochnik.guru/uprazhneniya/uprazhneniya-na-fitbole-dlya-spiny.html

Exercises with the ball (fitbolom) for the spine, gymnastic complex on the ball to strengthen and relax the muscles of the back and neck

Exercises on fitbole are effective due to deep elaboration of muscles.

Complexes for the spine allow not only to strengthen the muscular corset, but also to correct various curvatures, including bad posture.

Regular exercise will help get rid of old diseases.

Than useful exercises on the fitball for the back

Exercises with a fitball for the back are a gym complex that allows you to deeply work out the muscles that support the spine.

This eliminates the clamps, improves posture, and on the spine, due to the strengthening of muscles, the load decreases. Exercises act directly on the muscles and stretch the joints.

The essence of the complex is not only to work out the muscles of the back, but also the abdominal press. In this way, a reliable support for the spine is created.

Exercises on fitbole allow you to more effectively work your back muscles

Indications and contraindications

Indications for practicing on the fitball for the back are various kinds of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They include:

  • curvature of the spine;
  • osteochondrosis and arthrosis;
  • pathological processes in the intervertebral discs, under which the nerve fibers are compressed;
  • weakening of the muscles of the back.

Contraindications quite a bit, as exercises with fitbolom can vary. However, the gymnastic complex for strengthening the back muscles should not be performed by pregnant women and people who have suffered serious spinal injuries, as well as surgical interventions on the abdominal cavity.

Preparation for exercise therapy

Before you start, you need to prepare.

First of all, you should wear comfortable cotton clothes, through which the body will breathe freely.

It is also better to prepare special shoes, because even when doing exercises at home there is a risk of slipping.

Before you start the main complex, you need to do a little workout. Exercise can be done only 2 hours after eating. Complex for warm-up:

  1. Stand up straight, raise your arms, connecting to the castle, feet shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms up, slightly up on your toes. Feel the muscles of the back gently stretching. Hold for a few seconds and repeat 3 times.
  2. The starting position is similar. You need to bend to the right, then to the left, your hands are still above your head in the castle. Back can not bend. The thighs remain stationary. In each side of 5 slopes.
  3. Stand upright, arms lowered, legs shoulder-width apart. Slowly lean forward, while the legs do not bend at the knees. Hold for 5 counts and return to the starting position.

Technique for doing exercises with fitball

The technique of exercises with a fitball is to activate the sleeping muscles of the back and their active participation in the work.

One of the main complexes that can be performed at home is muscle pumping from the abdominal position.

The remaining exercises are provided for their performance on special simulators, to which the fitball is involved.

It is necessary to lie on your stomach with a fitball and grab for chairs or any other support with your hands, so as not to slip. Then you need to slowly raise or lower your straight legs, feeling how your back muscles work. Suffice it 20 times for beginners.

Further from the same position it is necessary, on the contrary, to rest with your feet on the floor, and to put your hands behind your head and lift the upper half of the case. In this case, the thoracic department is being studied. Such exercises improve posture and relieve scoliosis.

Exercises on fitbole on Bubnovsky allow to improve posture

Complex of exercises with a hernia of the spine

With herniation of the spine, all exercises must be performed very carefully.Regular use of the complex will help you get rid of pain and speed up recovery.

Exercises with a fitball for the back must be done smoothly

  • It is necessary to sit on the fitball and straighten the back, but do not bend it. Hands should be on their knees. Then you need to stretch up your head, feeling a soft stretching of the spine. Hold for 10 seconds and return to the starting position.
  • The second exercise requires a wall. At the same time fitball should be put under the back, legs slightly wider than the shoulders. You should crouch slowly, rolling the ball over the spine. Do it so need no more than 5 times. If there are painful sensations, then the action must be stopped.
  • The final exercise is to stand against the wall, slightly back against the surface of the fitball, slightly rolling it up and down and left to right. This action stimulates the muscles and eliminates the clamps.

Exercises with a fitball in scoliosis give good results with regular execution.

The posture improves, and the curvature of the spine is gradually corrected.

The first exercise: the starting position - resting on the hands, feet rest on the fitball legs. It is necessary to smoothly and alternately rearrange the brushes, imitating walking.

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Exercise for posture with fitball is slow

Next, you need to lie with your back on the fitball, put your hands behind your head and, if possible, bury them on the floor, as well as your feet. It should be at least 30 seconds in this position. Then take a rest and repeat the action.

Exercise from pinching will spread out all vertebrae

The third exercise is performed on the floor. You need to lie on your back, and kick your feet in fitball.

Next, lift the body, lingering in this position. The body should form a straight line with legs. Hands are extended forward, and the eyes are fixed on the ceiling. Only 15 repetitions.

Such an exercise perfectly trains all the muscles of the back.

Exercise from scoliosis with a fitball trains all the muscles of the back

Exercises with a fitball to relax the muscles

With hypertension of the back muscles, their relaxation is necessary.People who are constantly in the same position need regular performance of the next complex.In addition, the exercises allow you to eliminate pain and prevent side effects of strength training.

You need to lie on your stomach with a fitball and rest your legs and hands on the floor. In doing so, you should relax your back as much as possible. You can slightly spring.

After 3-5 minutes you need to change the starting position and go back to the fitball. In this case, the legs should serve as a strong support.

It is necessary to roll the ball under the spine very slowly for a couple of minutes.

And, finally, the final exercise. It is necessary to sit down on the floor, put a ball under the back, which rests against the wall. Move the body from left to right, gently massaging the vertebrae. Such a complex can be performed after a hard working day. It will help to relax and quickly restore strength.

Exercises with a fitball to relax the muscles can eliminate pain and prevent side effects of strength training.

Complications and consequences

Exercises for the back with a fitball should be performed very carefully. Especially it concerns people with vertebral hernia.

It is recommended to follow your own feelings and, at the slightest discomfort, stop doing it.

As a rule, there are no complications with the correct approach to gymnastics. However, if you slump off the ball, you can get injured.

It is desirable for beginners to have a number of those who could insure them against falling. It is also extremely undesirable to perform the complex during an exacerbation of any diseases, especially if there is an elevated temperature.

Feedback on the use of fitball

Exercises on fitbole for strengthening the back muscles can improve the functionality of the spine.

If you perform these complexes regularly, then you can quickly correct your posture and get rid of pain in different parts of your back.

Before proceeding to the treatment complex, it is necessary to consult with a specialist.

A source: http://lechenie-simptomy.ru/uprazhneniya-s-myachom-dlya-pozvonochnika

Exercises with the ball for the spine

Gymnastics for the back muscles perfectly helps to cope with diseases of the spine. Its effectiveness is often higher than even very expensive drugs.

But for some reason, this alternative means is rarely used to really. Probably, because the physical load is hard, difficult, boring and time-consuming.

And the diseases of the spine, meanwhile, are progressing.

Gymnastics and diseases of the spine

The main enemy of the spine is a degenerative process that destroys its vertebrae and intervertebral cartilage. It is called osteochondrosis.

Degenerative-degenerative processes are inherently progressive. They are not cured, but only inhibited at a certain stage.

To slow down osteochondrosis and to level out its consequences is the most important task for orthopedists.

Why is it a question of standard gymnastics if degenerative diseases are so complicated in treatment? The spinal column is a complex structure, the support of the body. When the vertebrae and adjacent structures are spread out, the support becomes very unstable. And it must be strengthened with something.

Muscles of the back

Muscles of the back are capable of withstanding heavy loads. They are long and quite voluminous.

With fruitful training, the musculature of the back grows very quickly and supports the sick spine until an improvement occurs.

But the problem of modern people, that their muscles are absolutely not trained, are poorly developed.

There are many reasons for this:

  1. Sitting or standing monotonous work.
  2. Lack of free time for walking and doing sports or gymnastics.
  3. Constant fatigue.
  4. Lack of desire to perform any exercises.
  5. Indifference to one's own health due to boredom or depression.


Fitball is a large gymnastic projectile, a ball with horns or without for a variety of exercises. Recently, it is very popular and there is almost every house. Advantages of fitball:

  • Exercises on it train the muscles of the whole body. Even the usual lying or rolling on the ball is also a training.
  • Doing a fitball is fun and not so exhausting.
  • Bright colors of the balls raise the mood, give vivacity.
  • Exercises on the ball can be conducted with both infants and elderly people.

Requirements for fitball

Since this shell is a gymnastic, rather than decorative, when buying, you should consider certain requirements. There are only two of them:

  1. Right size. Sports balls can be of different diameters - from half a meter to almost meter. And a high man to perform a set of exercises on a low shell will be difficult. To determine the size, you just need to sit down on the fitball. If the knees are bent at the right angle, the product is chosen correctly.
  2. Quality material of manufacture. Usually gymnastic balls are made of high-quality synthetic materials. Their main feature is the inability to explode or burst under excessive load. In this situation, the air will slowly escape from them, and the fitball will be smoothly deflated. So as not to get a fake, you need to be interested in the manufacturer and rejoice at a too low price.

Exercises for the spine

Whatever exercises are done on the ball, they train the muscles of the back and the whole body. It is important for beginners not to overdo it with classes, to exercise reasonable care. You can start with a ten-minute gymnastics and gradually bring the training time to one - one and a half hours.

Simple exercises:

  • Just sit on the fitball. In this position, the body tries to maintain balance, and the muscles of the back work well. You need to sit on it more often, outside the gym.
  • Jump on a gymnastic apparatus without taking your feet off the floor. The load on the back increases, not only the muscles of the legs are straining.
  • Jump around the room, sitting on the fitball and holding it with your feet. It is important to choose a time when the neighbors from below are not exactly at home.
  • Lie on the ball with your belly, put your hands on the floor. Roll forward and backward.
  • Do the same, just lying on your back. The ball moves closer to the waist.

Training for the muscles of the back and spine

When the body adapts to the exercises on the gymnastic shell, you can start a complex of more complex exercises for the back and spine. To increase the load, dumbbells are used. In their absence, you can use improvised tools - for example, heavy books.

The complex can include various exercises for the back. The most commonly used are the following:

  1. Lie on the shell belly and chest, straightened hands rest on the floor. Raise straight legs as high as possible above the body. It trains not only the musculature of the back, but also the back of the thighs, and buttocks.
  2. The first exercise can be complicated if you grasp the ball with your hands. In this case, the muscles of the back will be maximally strained to maintain balance. The main thing is not to fall.
  3. Lie on a fitball belly and pelvis, socks rest on the floor. Raise the head and upper body. Hands can be divorced or connected before breast. Then they are bred on the rise of the body and connect on the lowering.
  4. Lie on a fitball belly, resting his knees and feet on the floor. Take dumbbells and spread your hands to the sides. Perform alternately twisting the spine to the right and left. This exercise perfectly trains the extensors of the back.
  5. Lie on the ball so that it is in the area of ​​the knees. To lean on hands, legs straight, parallel to the floor. Tighten the fitball, lifting the hips, and then return back.

A source: http://MedOtvet.com/drugie-zabolevaniya-pozvonochnika/uprazhneniya-s-myachom-dlya-pozvonochnika.html

Exercises on the back for the spine on the ball: complexes for the thoracic and lumbar spine

A gymnastic ball is an important attribute for those who dream of a beautiful posture, a healthy spine and a strong back corset. This sporting projectile is now very popular, because it is universal, convenient, easy to use and affordable in price.

What is a gym ball?

Fitball or gymnastic ball is a strong enough and elastic rubber ball, which is perfect for various physical exercises.

General information

This universal sports simulator is made, in most cases, from synthetic materials. There are different forms.

The main types of fitbols:

  • Classic round fitball in diameter can reach from 45 to 95 cm. They can use different age categories. Such balls can withstand a load of 150 to 300 kg.
  • The oval fitball is similar in many ways to the round, but more stabledue to the greater contact surface with the floor. However, the weight of such a ball is able to withstand a smaller one - from 100 to 140 kg.
  • Massage fitball.The surface of such a ball in pimples, so it is capable of massaging, working areas, thereby improving blood circulation.
  • Fitball with handles.In addition to pens, nothing differs from ordinary gymnastic balls. But the handles (horns) provide safety for expectant mothers and children, since they reduce the risk of falling. And one more variant are footbaths. They can be used instead of chairs and for exercises with weighting.

For what purposes is it used?

The individually selected shape and moderate elasticity of the ball make it possible to use itpeople with excess weight and varicose veins, since the load on the joints and lower limbs is reduced.

On the other hand, exercises with this sports equipmenthelp strengthen different muscle groups and lead the body into tonus, improve coordination of movement and burn a huge number of calories. Here you will find a set of exercises to strengthen the back muscles at home.

Also, fitball is excellent for pregnant women to improve overall well-being.

Choosing a gymnastic ball

The main rule - in this issue is betterdo not rely on cheapness!The fact is that a cheap ball can be useless, uncomfortable and even capable of harming health.

Key parameters of the gymnastic ball:

  1. Resistance to pressure due to the elasticity of the projectile and the strength of the material.A quality ball is able to withstand a weight of up to 300 kg. If the lessons on the ball will occur in conjunction with the dumbbells, you will need a ball for strength training.
  2. Material.Ideally, the ball should be made of polyvinyl chloride or latex. Cheap balls to the touch are cold. The hand glides unpleasantly over the projectile. When you tweak on them, there are many folds. This is a poor-quality material. If, after pressing the surface with your hand, it slightly bounces off, and a little heat emanates from it - this is a quality item. And a good fitball should have a good antistatic effect, its surface should not be porous. Also the surface should be perfectly smooth, without protruding seams, and the nipple should be pressed inwardly.
  3. Security.If the ball is damaged, it should not explode. It is necessary to make sure that it has a special anti-disruptive system, which will ensure smooth deflation.
  4. The size of the ball.All individually and is associated with height and weight. To understand your required size, you need to make a certain test: sit on a chair and measure the distance between the knee joint and the floor. The result will indicate the appropriate diameter of the ball.
  5. The color of the ball.Of course, this is a matter of taste, however, it is worth considering some features of the effects of colors. Blue and green color can calm the nervous system and lower blood pressure. Yellow color acts as a psychostimulant. Orange is an antidepressant. Red is an immunostimulant.
  6. Complete the ball.A quality fitbol in the kit must be present pump, because pumping the ball is not an easy task!
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Exercises on fitball

If someone classical lessons in the gym or at home no longer bring as much joy and pleasure as before, thencomplex with fitball can cool diversify workouts. During the exercises with the fitball, not only the main muscle groups will be involved, but also those that are not involved in ordinary life or classical training.

Basic Rules for Exercising

A gymnastic ball is a great sporting projectile, but you need to use it wisely.

A few rules:

  • Each set of exercises should be selected strictly individually!
  • Any occupation must begin with a preheating of the body.You need to spend 5-7 minutes on the corners of the body, jumping and running on the spot.
  • Increase the load you need gradually!This especially applies to beginners - no more than 5 approaches at a time.
  • To complicate the process, you can pump the ball harder, then it will be less stable and will force the muscles to strain more.
  • Fitball will be useful, even if just sitting on it watching TV.The body will be forced to maintain balance, and so the muscles will be quietly trained.
  • The whole exercise complex can be performed three times a weekor 2-3 exercises a five-minute workout every day.
  • A constant companion of technique is a deep and even breathing.
  • Training is more interesting for a good musical accompaniment.

Complex exercises for the spine

Working with the projectilepositively affects joint development, strengthening of ligamentsand, at the same time, does not load the spine. And if you sit on it instead of a chair or chair, then the correct posture will be preserved!

Fitbol is successfully used as:

  1. Therapeutic physical means;
  2. Rehabilitation after injury;
  3. Supporting agent for pregnant women;
  4. Means of stabilizing the muscles of the spine;
  5. Prophylactic agent.

Exercises for flexibility of the spine

Flexibility is not in the ability to easily touch the heels when leaning forward or to sit on the twine.

The owners of the developed spineperfect posture and beautiful silhouette!Along with the basic movements for giving flexibility, exercises using the fitball will only strengthen and accelerate the desired result.

Possible exercises:

  • It is necessary to lie face down.The ball is located under the belly. Cross your arms in front of you. At the feet should be emphasis. The essence of the lesson is rolling on the ball (chest-belly) without the help of hands and feet. Repeat the movement at least 10 times. Over time, the number of repetitions should be increased.
  • The starting position, as in the first exercise.During inspiration, you must try to straighten the body in a straight line. At the same time, the thorax should be deployed. For this, the hands should be pulled back, trying to close the blades. When exhaling, slowly return to the starting position. Make 10 repetitions, and as far as possible increase the load.
  • Just lying on the ball will also be superfluous for the development of flexibility.To do this, lie with your back on the projectile. The body (buttocks, lower back) is pressed to the circumference. The head should be thrown back, the neck relaxed, the limbs stretched (the feet and brushes should touch the floor). In this form, you need to stay 2 minutes.

Exercises for the alignment of the spine


  1. Lie with your belly on the projectile, as if embracing it.On inhaling, you need to lift the body, straightening in one line, maximally opening the thorax. On exhalation, you must return to the starting position.
  2. It is necessary to sit down, put the fitball in front of him, lean on him.Rolling back the ball, follow the body behind him, ensuring that the body is parallel to the floor and lined up in a line by hand. On exhalation return to the starting position.

Exercises to strengthen the muscles of the spine


  • Lying belly down on the fitball like it flows down on it. The muscles of the back are relaxed. You can stay in this position as long as you want!
  • Rotations. You need to sit on the fitball. Put your feet at right angles, feet resting on the floor.Working only with the pelvis, you need to perform various ball rotation (left-right, circular rotation), while the back and legs should not be involved. If you do this exercise to the music, you will get to dance!

Exercises in the curvature of the spine

At the initial stage:

  1. Lie on the fitball, leaning on it with the bottom of the legs.Direct hands need to focus on the floor. Further hands need to be moved forward, as if walking, and also to return back.
  2. The initial position, as in exercise number 1.When in this position, you need to perform 5 to 10 push-ups.
  3. Lie back on the fitball.Cross your arms behind your head. Make 5 to 10 body lifts.
  4. The initial position, as in exercise number 3. It is necessary to raise your legs one by one. 10 replicates for each limb

Universal Exercises

  • Corner.Raised at an angle of 45 degrees hands and feet and in this position to linger - this is in itself an excellent static exercise. And if you still take a gym ball in your hand, then the effectiveness of the exercise will greatly increase. And if you can repeat the action several times, then different muscle groups will remain very satisfied.
  • Twisting.The position of the body, as in the classical exercise, only the emphasis of the body is not on the floor, but about fitball. The body needs to be lifted up and held in such a position for a while, then return to its original position. Exercise will give a result if 3 sets of 10 repetitions are systematically performed.
  • Pulling the legs to the chest.It is necessary, lying belly on the projectile, to roll forward. It turns out a kind of bar with an emphasis on the hands and fixing the knees on the ball. It is important not to cave in the lower back. Next, you should pull your knees to your chest, rolling the ball and returning to its original position. The inclination of the hands will change. Part of the body will be transferred to the side of the projectile. To strengthen the effect, you can pull the ball straight legs.
  • Push ups.Classic movement, but the footrest protrudes the ball. Doing this exercise is important not to cave in the lower back. One approach requires 10 presses. The complex can consist of 2-3 cycles. To enhance the effect, you can raise one leg up and so do the movements.
  • Reverse push-ups.This squats with an additional element. Doing under the load in the form of holding the ball behind your back. Hands fix it from below, at the buttock level. The body is slightly bent forward. Such a slope increases the impact on the muscles of the legs. It is necessary to do 10 sit-ups in each of the two approaches.
  • The lifting of the pelvis is lying on the back.Position lying down, face up. The heels are thrown over the center of the ball. It is necessary to press the hull of the hull to raise the pelvis up to a solid line with the whole body. At this moment, strain your buttocks and stay in this position for a few seconds, and also slowly return to the starting position. An interesting and complex movement should be tried 15 times in two approaches.
  • Squats on one leg in the attack.Stand with your back to the ball. Sock one leg on the fitball. Hands are on the belt. Make a squat. You should get a 30% chance of a full leg bending. It is important that the knee does not go beyond the level of the big toe. This exercise is designed for 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each limb.
  • Plank on fitbole.With the help of this projectile, you can perform all possible versions of the slats from the classic on the forearms to various complicated ones. The longer it will be possible to stay in such a static position, the better.
  • Pull the ball upside down.Lie on your back, feet to lean on the ball so that it is located under the knee cap. The pelvis needs to be lifted from the floor - all body weight is kept by legs and shoulder blades. The legs need to be bent, and the ball as close as possible to the hips, after which the legs need to be straightened. Repeat 3 approaches up to 20 times.
  • Relaxation on the ball.Lying on your back, legs lifted as if you sit on a chair. Place the fitball under the buttocks. Hands spread apart at an angle of 45 degrees. Close your eyes and try to relax the whole body, so you can lie up to 15 minutes. This is an excellent restoring posture for the whole body.

Gymnastic ball can not only help in losing weight and keeping muscles in tone, but also with its help you can strengthen and restore physical and emotional health!

Fitball really can replace the whole gym, only you need to learn how to properly deal with it!

A source: http://SpinaSpina.com/profilaktika/uprazhneniya/uprazhneniya-na-myache-dlya-spiny.html

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