Modern means of pediculosis - how to apply

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Pediculosis is the defeat of the scalp on the head with lice. The disease is not considered dangerous, but requires immediate treatment, as it causes severe discomfort in the form of intolerable itching. There are many ways to fix this problem. Consider the most effective and safe means of pediculosis.

  • Classification of funds
  • What can I use?
  • Modern means
  • Folk remedies
  • Prevention of re-infection
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Classification of funds

Lice is observed mainly in children, as they are constantly in contact with children's school and preschool institutions. It is very important to choose a safe product that does not contain toxic substances.

It should be noted that pediculosis is divided into head, ward and pubic - depending on the type of pathogen. The most common are head lice.

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There are such types of funds from lice and nits:

  • sprays;
  • creams;
  • shampoos;
  • folk remedies;
  • concentrates;
  • combs.

Anti-pediculosis drugs are simple enough to use. Spray should treat dry hair, creams are applied to the newly washed head.

The most safe means of pediculosis are the crests. But they are extremely difficult to comb out nits, especially on long hair. After the comb, there are shampoos, sprays and creams. They help get rid of lice and nits in a short time, without harming the body.

It is important to know! Medicines containing insecticides should be used with caution. It is better to refrain from their use in the treatment of pediculosis in children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

What can I use?

Antipediculous drugs that are used to treat adults and children:

  1. Shampoos. Preparations in this form are ideal for removing lice and nits on long hair. Shampoo helps to treat all areas on the hairline, affected by parasites, and it also gets on the scalp. The principle of action of such funds is very sparing, which makes it possible to use them for the treatment of lice, not only in adults, but also in young children.
  2. Ointments and creams. To get rid of lice and nits with such drugs, you need to very carefully handle their head, applying the agent evenly. Then leave the ointment for a while (indicated in the instructions for use), then rinse with plenty of water. Preparations are not suitable for long hair. Creams and ointments when fighting lice are not used as often as compared to other anti-pediculosis drugs because of uncomfortable application. But their high efficiency makes it possible to occupy one of the leading positions in the modern pharmaceutical market.
  3. Sprays. This form is applied at an early stage of the appearance of lice and nits, since it helps to get rid of only a small number of them. The spray is fairly simple to use. But because of the content of insecticides, not all medicines are suitable for the treatment of pediculosis in young children.
  4. Crests. This is the safest way to remove lice and nits. The comb is a comb with very small teeth. It is necessary to comb the parasites along the entire length of the hair. This is a very time-consuming and time-consuming process, so the comb is rarely used for long hair.

In any case, when revealing lice and nits on the hair of an adult or child, it is better to consult a dermatologist. It will help to choose the most effective and safe remedy considering the neglect of the disease.

Important to remember! In the treatment of pediculosis in children should take into account the composition of the selected drug! It should not contain insecticides that could adversely affect the child's health.

Modern means

How to get rid of lice and guide using modern medications? In any pharmacy offer a significant amount of cheap and expensive drugs against pediculosis. Choose the best remedy will help your doctor. The most popular drugs to date are:

  1. Nyuda. This spray, active ingredient is dimethicone. Inexpensive remedy for lice. It is easy to use, but has some limitations. Nyuda Spray should not be used in the treatment of children under 3 years of age, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  2. Permethrin. This product is available in the form of a spray. It contains insecticides, so it should be avoided entering the gastrointestinal tract. Permethrin is a strong medicine that relieves pediculosis in severe forms.
  3. Veda. This is an effective and inexpensive remedy for lice, which is released in the form of a shampoo. Softens the scalp when forming crusts and wounds. To completely eliminate parasites, it is sufficient to treat the hairline 1 time. Keep container for 10 minutes. Veda is not suitable for the treatment of pediculosis in children under 5 years.
  4. Paranita. This is one of the safest drugs because it contains essential oils. The disadvantage of the spray is that it helps to get rid of only lice. The nits are not affected by Paranitis, so you should use a comb in your treatment to comb out the laid eggs. This is a good remedy for children under 3 years old.
  5. A pair of Plus. One of the most popular modern drugs. Its composition allows you to get rid of lice and nits after the first use. Available in the form of a spray.
  6. Nyx. This cream against lice and nits, is allowed to children from six months of age. After applying and rinsing it is necessary to use the comb, included in the kit, for combing the nits.
  7. Pediculum Ultra. This product is produced in the form of a spray. Contains in its composition dimethicone, which has a disastrous effect on lice, getting into their respiratory tract. Despite the low toxicity of Pedikulen Ultra, it is recommended to use it from the age of 3.

With such a variety of anti-pedicidal drugs in pharmacies, the question arises: "What is the most effective drug?" The most effective drug will help you choose a specialist.

Folk remedies

Pediculosis is a disease that people have been fighting for many generations. Therefore, alternative medicine has many tools that relieve this problem. Consider the most popular and effective recipes.

Shaving nude

Head lice are easily eliminated if you shave your head naked. This is a radical method that is suitable for men and young children. Women are extremely rarely ready to say goodbye to their hair.


When using this remedy, extreme care must be taken, since kerosene is a combustible oil product. But, nevertheless, it was actively used a couple of generations ago. To reduce the harmful effect of this substance, it must be diluted with vegetable oil in a ratio of 1 to 10.

The prepared solution is applied over the entire length of the hair, including the roots. They cover their hair with polyethylene, they put on a kerchief on top. For maximum efficiency, the diluted kerosene is left on the head for the whole night. If necessary, the procedure should be repeated until the parasites completely disappear. Treatment with kerosene often causes burns and skin irritation, dermatitis.

Salt and vinegar

For the preparation of this product will need vinegar 3% concentration and salt in quantities of 40 g. Mix the ingredients until the salt is completely dissolved, add 5 ml of medical alcohol. Apply the prepared solution to clean damp hair. Within 2 days, you should regularly treat the head with it, then comb out the parasites with a comb.

Important! This folk remedy helps not only to get rid of pediculosis, but also to eliminate its characteristic symptom - itching.


This plant contains in its composition substances that have insecticidal properties. To prepare a medicine against lice, take dry or fresh grass of thistle and pour boiling water. Infuse for 1 hour. Then infuse the strain, wash them hair until the disappearance of parasites.


To remove lice, the essential oil of geranium is used. These parasites do not tolerate the aroma of the flower. To significantly reduce the amount of lice in the hair on the head, you should add a few drops of geranium essential oil in a normal shampoo.

It is important to know! Treatment of pediculosis folk remedies can take a long time! Therefore, you need to have patience to achieve a positive result.

Prevention of re-infection

Since this disease concerns mainly children, it is necessary to accustom them from an early age to the following:

  • observe the basic rules of hygiene;
  • to refuse to use other people's things - towels, combs, hats and other things;
  • girls gently braid their hair, as lice feel more comfortable in tangled and disheveled hair.

Also, parents should regularly inspect the child's hair. When lice and nits appear, you should notify the school or preschool institution that he visits. This will help to avoid an epidemic of lice.

Every parent should understand that there are no preventive measures that prevent infection by 100%. Vigilance and timely reaction in this matter is the main task for adults.

Although this disease does not pose a danger to a person, it brings considerable discomfort in everyday life. But there are different treatment options, you can easily choose the most comfortable means.