Get rid of hives quickly at home

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Hives are the reaction of the skin to certain irritants. As a result, a rash appears that looks like red flat or convex formations. They are irregular in shape and are accompanied by itching. If you know how to treat urticaria in adults at home, the rash can be stopped already at the initial stage.

  • First emergency aid
  • Drugs for treatment
  • Ointments
  • Types of diseases and their treatment
  • Acute urticaria
  • Allergic
  • Why it is important to establish the cause
  • Traditional treatment options
  • Infusions and decoctions
  • Honey
  • Celery
  • Flowers of a clearing
  • Infusion yarrow
  • Pharmacy tinctures
  • Herbal Remedies
  • Grated potatoes
  • In pregnancy
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First emergency aid

Below, in detail, methods will be considered, how to treat urticaria in adults at home with folk remedies, but first aid should be provided immediately:

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  • give the patient an antihistamine drug;
  • take drugs stabilizing the membrane of cells;
  • at the serious form to accept chemist's glucocorticosteroids.

Drugs for treatment

Therapy is carried out with the help of:

  • antihistamines (a course of not less than five days, helps to block the allergic reaction - Suprastin, Diazolin, Cetrin);
  • corticosteroids (with complications of hives, swelling - Prednisolone);
  • soothing (soothe, improve sleep, relieves itching - Donormil, Atarax);
  • enterosorbents (remove the allergen from the body - Polysorb, Filtrum);
  • drugs that can remove itching (helps the skin to make it less sensitive, to get rid of irritation - Fenistil-gel).


Ointments are used for topical treatment. Antimicrobial, antihistamine, drying and anti-inflammatory effect are non-hormonal ointments:

  • zinc;
  • salicylic-zinc;
  • Fenistil-gel;
  • Nezulin.

You can use funds on a natural basis, which relieve the itching, irritation and have an antifungal and antiallergic effect - for example, Skin-Up or La Cree.

In severe, acute forms of urticaria apply hormonal ointments:

  • Advantan;
  • Elokom;
  • Fluorocort;
  • Gistan-N;
  • Sinaflanc.

Types of diseases and their treatment

Treatment depends on the form of urticaria:

  1. The solar form. It is necessary to take antiallergic drugs, antihistamines. Tablets last for a long time, do not affect negatively the work of the central nervous system. In pregnancy, taking these medications is prohibited.
  2. Cholinergic appearance. When symptoms appear after exercise, a hot shower or from stress, you must start treatment. First, the factors that cause allergies and symptoms should be eliminated.
  3. The acute form. Adopt antihistamines of a new generation. The doctor may additionally prescribe hormone therapy according to the indications.
  4. Allergic variant. In the beginning, the main allergens are eliminated, then complex treatment with the drugs indicated in the emergency aid is carried out.
  5. Recurrent disease. Assign a course of histaglobulin in the complex therapy.

Acute urticaria

Acute form of the disease is treated with anti-allergic drugs: Calcium gluconate, Calcium chloride. To alleviate the symptoms, antihistamines are needed, most often used:

  • Aleron;
  • Loratadine;
  • Tavegil;
  • Suprastin;
  • Cetrin;
  • Fenkarol;
  • Zirtek;
  • Erius.

Get rid of itching, remove redness and prevent rashes of the ointment: Fenistil gel, Advantan. To remove puffiness, use diuretics, for example, Furosemide. Often, the acute form disrupts the work of the intestine, to restore it requires probiotics:

  • Bifidumbacterin;
  • Bactisubtil;
  • Lactobacterin.


More effective for treatment will be to find out the cause of allergic urticaria. If it became a product, a cosmetic means - to exclude it from use and personal use. If this is not the way to solve the problem, then resort to drugs with antihistamine action:

  • Claritin;
  • Diazoline;
  • Aleron;
  • Loratadin.

In severe forms, Prednisolone is needed. For local treatment, relieving itching and getting rid of the rash, use ointments and creams: zinc ointment, Bepanten, Elokom.

Why it is important to establish the cause

Important! Before beginning any treatment, you need to determine the exact cause why hives appear. Often even harmless drugs can cause such a reaction of the body. Then it is enough to stop taking medications and additional treatment is often not required.

Causes of urticaria and ways to solve the problem:

  • malnutrition. In the modern world, many products cause allergies. To understand this is simple: the rash appears within a quarter of an hour after eating. In this situation, it is necessary to exclude the allergen from the diet. Often, an allergy in the form of a rash appears on fish, nuts, cow's milk, seafood, wine, beer;
  • excessive exposure to the sun, cold or just after a hot shower. Here you just need to avoid such situations, so that the body does not give them a response unpleasant reaction. You can additionally drink antihistamines, use ointments to relieve itching and burning.

Important! When the rash appears, you can wash yourself, but you can not use soap or shower gel, as well as washcloths. Suitable for a simple childish soap.

If it turned out that urticaria is caused by taking antibiotics, then the first thing to take care of is to stop taking the drug that triggered the body's reaction. Urticaria can make itself felt from 12 to 36 hours after taking. To facilitate and get rid of signs of hives, antihistamines are used: Cetrin, Lorano, Loratadin, Suprastin, Diazolin. The following measures are also applied:

  1. The body needs to remove toxins and allergens, so I use enterosorbents: activated carbon, Enterosgel.
  2. If complications (eg, swelling) have occurred, hormonal medications are prescribed: Prednisolone.

Before the beginning of treatment it is necessary to confirm the diagnosis accurately. To do this, take a blood test for immunoglobulin E and carry out allergens on the patient's skin.

Traditional treatment options

Infusions and decoctions

When acute symptoms are removed, you can start to regularly wash the skin with various infusions. It can be a decoction of string, chamomile, nettle, oak bark or burdock root.


If there is no allergic reaction to honey and other livelihoods of bees, to treat urticaria in adults at home (cf. photo) you can use bee honey. It is enough to eat 1 hour every day. l. honey or drink 1 tbsp. l. royal jelly.


Green juice increases immunity so much that the rash passes by itself. The juice is made from the root of the plant. Take 1 hour. l. four times a day. Alternatively, the juice can be poured a glass of boiling water and after an hour drink 100 ml before eating.

Flowers of a clearing

It is made infusion based on 1 tbsp. spoons of flowers and mugs of steep boiling water. Insist an hour, drink five times a day for half a mug.

Infusion yarrow

To a spoonful of grass add a mug of boiling water and take 70 ml inside. It can be eaten four times during the day. Alcohol tincture on the plant can be done independently, it is taken at three dozen drops per day.

Pharmacy tinctures

If you independently insist herbs or flowers on vodka do not have time, you can buy ready-made pharmacy tinctures. It is recommended for urticaria tincture of motherwort, valerian. Take no more than three dozen drops before going to bed.

Herbal Remedies

Mix 20 grams of lemon balm, valerian root and hop cones. Take 1 tbsp. spoon and brew in a mug of boiling water. Insist several hours, take 3 tbsp. spoons three times a day. Also, this collection can be planted in water for bathing.

Grated potatoes

The recipe is extremely simple: you need to grate the raw potatoes and lay for half an hour under the film on the skin where the urticaria has manifested itself.

In pregnancy

Since in this beautiful period many drugs are prohibited, it is necessary to try to identify the allergen and get rid of it:

  • Eat right;
  • wear cotton clothes;
  • Do not use hygiene products with flavors;
  • Be out in the fresh air, ventilate the room.

After treatment - consult a doctor. Most often in the therapy scheme include:

  • Creams, ointments, gels with cooling effect;
  • in extreme cases, prescribe antihistamines;
  • sorbents (during pregnancy it is allowed to drink activated charcoal);
  • can share a recipe for folk remedies.

The described methods can be used in the treatment of urticaria in adults at home. But we must remember that the selected products and herbs should not be an individual intolerance, otherwise hives will worsen.

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