Benefits and harm of garden strawberries for health in pregnancy and diabetes

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The red juicy berry, a representative of the Rosaceae family, is an indispensable attribute of every country plot.

In Russia it appeared in the late 18th century.

Victoria, strawberries, strawberries. .. This berry has acquired many names. But they are all equally useful.

Article content:
  • Garden wonder
  • Choose the best
  • Healing properties
  • External application
  • Harm and contraindications
  • Harvest for future

Garden miracle

Victoria - once a popular variety among our compatriots, sometimes replaces the name of the most berries.

Strawberries and wild strawberries are wild berries, the first grows in the fields, the second - in the forests.

From the point of view of botany, the garden and vegetable delicacy comes from strawberries, so it's right to call it strawberry.

This article is not a digression into the botanical jungle, so for the berry design we will use the term strawberry, since for the majority of people not related to science, the word "strawberry" is associated, above all, with a tasty garden miracle.

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Choose the best

You can get the desired berry in 2 ways:

  • to grow on your own,
  • to buy in the market or in the store.

To buy strawberries should be treated with caution. Manufacturers are aware of the increased demand for this type of product.

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Therefore, for profit, farmers and large farms often neglect ethical norms.

This is manifested in the fact that to increase the yield they use giant doses of pesticides, realizing the scale of the negative impact of toxic substances on the human body.

REFERENCE. Pesticides are substances obtained chemically.
Are used for in the agronomic sector for the destruction of pests, control of plant diseases.
After treatment of plants, pesticides do not excrete of them in full.
Getting into the body with substances, substances first accumulate in it, and then cause poisoning, genetic abnormalities, mutational processes.
Especially, pesticides are dangerous to pregnant women , chemicals can cause miscarriage or fetal mutations.

Another danger of a purchased strawberry is to get the genetically modified product .This is relevant for imported imported products.

Who knows with what or with whom they crossed the berry ?There is no guarantee that you do not have an allergy to the wonder-yudo-fish-whale, which is part of the overseas delicacy.

Therefore, there is only one way out:

  • you need to buy berries from people you know,
  • farmers,
  • in proven farms.

And do not indulge the whims of pregnant women:

  • remember the dangers of strawberries from unknown overseas producers.

Healing properties

It has long been noted that the inclusion of strawberries in the diet, brings the body benefits. This is due to a wide range of vitamins, micro- and macro elements that make up the berry.

Endocrine system

Diabetes mellitus and thyroid diseases are the most common pathologies of the endocrine system.

To the great happiness of people affected by these diseases, the inclusion in the diet of berries is not only not forbidden, but rather, it is welcomed.

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By means of taste buds, a person perceives a strawberry as a delicious sweet berry.

At first glance, there is surprise:

  • is it possible to eat such a sweetness to diabetics?

You can ( the benefits and harm of apricots in diabetes are described here).Strawberries contain a large amount of fiber.

In the process of digestion, coarse fibers swell, sugar berries are released, but it happens so slowly that the level of glucose in the body does not increase.

In this case, the psychological effect is important:

  • , after all, the forbidden fruit, especially, is sweet.

A person, eating a sweet berry, along with vitamins, macro- and microelements, also receives psychological satisfaction.

However, the reception of strawberries for diabetics is limited - for one sitting you can fearlessly use only 60 grams of delicacy .

What do we know about thyroid disorders ?
At best, you hear about thyroid goitre( treatment with multinodal folk remedies) and the benefits of iodine. Meanwhile, the hormones of this gland participate in the metabolic processes of the whole organism.

As the car does not go without fuel, the thyroid gland will not work at its full capacity in conditions of iodine deficiency( application of dried laminaria).

Similar failures are fraught with the fact that they can develop into diseases of the central nervous system.

Strawberry is a natural source of iodine .

The content of the element is so high that when the berries are plentifully included in the diet, it is possible to refuse iodized salt or medicinal preparations containing the element.

How much to eat berries to saturate the body with iodine? In this case, the rule applies:

  • the more, the better, since there is no harm from iodine that enters the body with a natural product, the
  • is easily excreted by the kidneys.

Circulatory system

Large and small circle of blood circulation - that's all that, perhaps, is recalled from the school biology course about the circulatory system.

We add here the heart and liquid substance of blood - all this is subject to the life-giving effect of strawberries.

Let's start with the blood .Strawberries contain a lot of iron, which means they enrich their blood.

The mass of iron in the human body is on the average 4 mg, 60% of which is contained in the blood( hemoglobin).
The lack of iron is manifested by unpleasant symptoms in the form:

  • of brittle nails,
  • dropping hair( about the healing properties of tar soap is written here),
  • decline of strength,
  • rough skin,
  • cracked heels.

The strongest iron deficiency can occur in girls during the appearance of the first menstruation( as helps to cause the monthly root elecampane read on this page).

The function of the hematopoiesis is supplemented by contained in copper, molybdenum and cobalt strawberries.

Folic acid, contained in strawberries, affects the structure of blood vessels, strengthening them.

Strawberry includes potassium and magnesium. The action of these microelements on the circulatory system is so great that they are contained in many cardiac preparations.

Blood density decreases with magnesium and potassium, as a consequence:

  • reduces the risk of blood clots,
  • optimizes blood pressure( how to prepare beet kvass) and conducts heart pulse,
  • vessel walls become elastic,
  • normalizes metabolic processes in the cardiac muscle.

Urinary system

The beneficial effect of strawberries on the work of the urinary system is due to the diuretic properties of the berries, as well as its anti-inflammatory effect.

Bone and connective tissue

Strawberries can help strengthen teeth and bones, due to the calcium and fluorine contained in it.

Calcium also has a beneficial effect on the regeneration of connective tissues.

Action for colds and inflammations

The importance of berries for catarrhal diseases and inflammations is to serve as a source of vitamin C, the content of this vitamin even fades in the shadow of the strawberry.

In addition to strengthening immunity, the antipyretic effect of the berries is noted, due to the content of salicylic acid in it.

Vision organs

Vitamin A, a constituent of strawberry, is a universally recognized tool for treating eye diseases and normalizing vision functions.

Gastrointestinal tract

The most famous effect of strawberries within the digestive system is to function as a remedy for constipation.

It not only relieves the intestines from toxins and toxins, but also alleviates the gallbladder, being a choleretic agent.

Organic acids that make up the berries give strawberries another property - the ability to normalize the microflora of the digestive system, including getting rid of the dysbacteriosis troubles.

External application of

The external use of berries is used to obtain the desired cosmetic effect for the skin, nails and teeth.

berry juice, rubbed into the skin or applied to the teeth, it has a bleaching effect:

  • solves the problem of tooth yellowness,
  • freckles( as removed from the face),
  • unwanted skin pigmentation.

Visually, the effect becomes noticeable after 3 weeks.

Strawberry masks are a reliable remedy for acne, oily and problem skin.

Well-proven berry wraps, with the aim:

  • skin rejuvenation( for the benefit and harm of the rind of cucumbers is written in this article),
  • giving it a tone and elasticity.

Strawberry masks for nails, thanks to the natural vitamin-mineral complex of berries, will have a beneficial effect on the appearance of the nail plate within a month.

Harm and contraindications

It's sad, but strawberries are an allergen to , so it's not for everyone to eat a berry, it's fated.

In addition to allergy sufferers, you need to limit yourself in the consumption of strawberries to people with chronic gastritis and stomach ulcers.

This precaution is due to the irritating effect of the organic acids that make up the strawberry on the gastric mucosa.

At the stage of exacerbation of these diseases, the intake of berries is contraindicated, and with remissions, doctors recommend using strawberries only for dessert, that is, after the main meal.

Procurement for future use

"Strawberry Age" is not long: a month, not more.

To not part with the berries for a year, you can make supplies.

Strawberries are well tolerated by , it can be dried.

In both cases, the berry does not lose useful properties, although the taste qualities are reduced.

Otherwise occurs with canned berry, damage of use in:

  • compotes,
  • jams,
  • jams
    - strawberries do not lose flavor glamor.

Although with the heat treatment of strawberries, part of the useful, still remains. But this is a completely different story. ..

In summary, you can safely say that strawberries are a very useful berry. But only for those who do not have allergies to it. Grown, with your own hand, eat as much as you can!

Watch a video on the benefits and harms of garden strawberries for the health of men, women, children and pregnant women.