The healing properties of bay leaves is a recipe for joints

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The rapid growth of diseases, one way or another connected with joints, is a visiting card of modern civilization, a sad payment for a comfortable existence.

The use of medicines offered by pharmaceuticals is fraught with a number of side effects.

The reasons for the exacerbation
  • Useful properties
  • Prescription tincture
  • Decoction treatment
  • Medications for external use
  • To the detriment of
  • Conclusion

  • Gout, arthritis, rheumatism, calcaneal spur, arthrosis, bursitis, diabetes, metabolic diseases. .. List of diseasescan continue for a long time.

    Causes of exacerbation of the

    • heredity factor;
    • sedentary work, increasing the load on a certain group of joints, because of what they wear out more quickly;
    • transferred infections;
    • metabolic disorder and a malfunction in the pancreas provokes the onset of diabetes mellitus.
    • obesity( about the benefits and harm of rhubarb for weight loss written here);
    • joint injury( unavoidable in most athletes).
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    Treatment of the disease is selected individually. Based on the general picture of the course of the disease, a decision is made:

    • on the appointment of non-steroid agents, immunosuppressants and other drugs;
    • for surgical intervention;
    • on the use of gels and ointments of local action.

    The use of drugs offered by the pharmaceutical industry is fraught with a number of side effects.

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    Unfortunately, people with severe articular disease without these drugs can not do.

    In other cases, you need to do everything possible to keep the joints in order, do not stuff the body with chemistry.

    Physiotherapeutic procedures, therapeutic gymnastics( for slimming at home), compresses, use of folk remedies - all this should serve the benefit of a person suffering from joint disease.

    Within the framework of this article, we draw the reader's attention to the special properties of bay leaf used to combat joint ailments.

    Useful properties

    The ability of the bay leaf to exert a curative effect, is noticed by people and taken by them for arming to fight joint diseases hundreds of years ago.

    In many peoples this plant was associated with immortality.

    As a diuretic and diaphoretic, the bay leaf can excrete salts, slags and toxic substances from the body.

    It has a restorative and tonic effect on the human body.

    And, finally, having tannins, phytoncides and essential oils in its composition, the bay leaf has a powerful bactericidal, antifungal and anti-inflammatory effect.

    Recipe for tincture

    Step-by-step instruction:

    • For the preparation of tincture, put the laurel leaves in enamel or glassware( 10 pieces, fresh or dried leaves - it does not matter).
    • Pour the contents of the container with boiling water( 3 cups) and infuse for 3 hours in a covered container.
    • Strain the infusion.
    • Add honey( 2 teaspoons) to the resulting solution.

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    Tincture is taken three times a day for half a glass before meals.

    In this scheme, the drug is consumed 3 days. After two weeks, repeat the three-day course of taking the tincture.

    Decoction treatment

    Step-by-step recipe:

    • In the enameled container, place dried laurel leaves( 20 to 30 pieces), pour cold water( 4 cups).
    • Put the container with the contents on the plate, bring to a boil.
      Warning: time of cooking the broth from the moment of boiling - 5 minutes!
      All this time the pan should remain open, in order to evaporate harmful to human health essential oils contained in the laurel leaf.
    • After removing from the plate, pour the broth into a thermos or wrap it in a warm cloth together with the container in which it was cooked.
      Insist for 3 to 8 hours.
    • Strain. The drug is ready.

    If the taste of the broth seems disgusting, you can add lemon or honey in small amounts.

    The broth is prepared according to the recipe, daily.

    It should be taken in small portions, throughout the day( no medication is allowed in one sitting, as internal bleeding may open).

    The course of treatment( prevention) - 3 days. The second course is held exactly after 20 days.

    Depending on the purpose of broth decoction, the number of treatment courses can vary from 3 per year( prevention of joint diseases) to 2, within 6 months( treatment of joint diseases).

    When treating diabetes mellitus at an early stage, the broth is used to normalize the level of sugar in the blood.

    Bay leaves are an excellent adjuvant, recognized simultaneously in folk and traditional medicine.thanks to galenic substances.

    Means are used in cases of detection of the first signs of diabetes in order to prevent disease in the future, similar to the grass of stevia, which is a vegetable sweetener.

    Means for external use

    Ointment from laurel leaf for the treatment of joint diseases is prepared on an oil basis.

    • Dried laurel leaf( the amount of raw material is determined based on the planned amount of ointment) to grind in a blender.
    • Take the butter out of the refrigerator.
      Leave at room temperature for 2 to 3 hours, mix
      with ground laurel.
    • The resulting mixture is heated in a water bath.
      Ointment is ready.

    The course of treatment with ointment from laurel leaves - 2 weeks. You can rub into the skin around the affected joints twice a day, not more often.

    Increased sweating is a common symptom of joint diseases. If this trouble occurs with your legs, you must urgently take action. A tray made of bay leaves is a good solution to the problem.

    About 30 sheets of dried or fresh bay leaf should be placed in a saucepan, put on a stove, pour boiling water( 1 glass) and boil two more - three minutes.

    Leave the broth in a closed container for 3 hours.

    Collect the liquid, dilute with a liter of water.

    Take warm baths for 10 - 15 minutes.

    According to people who tried this recipe on their own, daily procedures help to completely get rid of the symptom of sweaty feet.


    • Finely chopped bay leaf( 1 tablespoon) with a glass of olive oil of cold pressing( useful properties).
    • Infuse the product in a warm place.
      Readiness comes in 2 weeks.
      The resulting oil is stored in the refrigerator.

    Oil from the bay leaves rubbed into the aching joints for the night.

    To the detriment of

    The concentration of essential oils, tannins and other substances in the laurel leaf is so high that its use has many contraindications.

    You can not use bay leaf for the treatment of joint diseases to people suffering from:

    • kidney disease;
    • diseases of the digestive system( gastric or duodenal ulcer, gallbladder inflammation, chronic pancreatitis);
    • hemorrhoids, anal fissures, constipation( tannins contained in a laurel, contribute to the consolidation of the stool).

    The use of bay leaves for medicinal purposes is contraindicated for young children, pregnant( bay leaf can cause a miscarriage) and breastfeeding women.


    Having decided to use the laurel sheet for the treatment( prevention) of joint diseases, be extremely careful about possible contraindications and dosage.

    Excessive ingestion of substances contained in raw materials is associated with a risk of internal bleeding.

    In no case, you can not substitute prescribed by the doctor for treatment with products made from bay leaf.

    Ointments, tinctures and decoctions of this raw material are not an alternative to traditional treatment, they can be used only for the prevention of joint diseases or complement the procedures prescribed by the doctor.

    If there are signs of exacerbation of joint diseases( redness of the skin or the appearance of swelling around the joints, pain, stiffness of the movements), go through the necessary examination with specialists.

    We offer you to watch a video about the application of laurel leaf in folk medicine.

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