Treatment of asthma with folk remedies at home: the best recipes

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Asthma is a dangerous disease whose uncontrolled treatment can lead to unfortunate consequences. To treat an illness at home is possible only in conjunction with medications prescribed by the attending physician.

The process of getting rid of asthma at home is quite long. The first thing a man must take control of the appearance of seizures. The next step is to reduce their number. To fix the result, it is important to carry out preventive measures to prevent new asthma attacks.

Article Content:
  • Possible Causes of
  • Characteristic Symptoms of
  • General Recommendations of
  • What are the folk remedies for treating the disease?
  • Nettle
  • Aloe and oats
  • Honey with birch
  • Licorice infusion
  • Tincture on walnuts
  • Tincture on honey and garlic
  • What is not recommended to take?
  • Prevention

Possible causes

Asthma is a bronchial lesion in which a person begins to suffocate. Various mechanisms can serve as the reasons for this dangerous diagnosis. The main role is given to changes in bronchial reactivity. It appears on the background of allergic responses of the body to various factors.

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Asthma can be caused by a high sensitivity to allergens and triggers and psychological problems( fears, stress, shock, frustration).

As allergens are:

  • animal hair and small particles in it, dandruff, dust;
  • dust mites;
  • unfavorable and sharply changing climatic conditions( heat, wind, temperature fluctuations);
  • elements of chemical origin in the environment or in food;
  • sulfites in products;
  • pollen, down;
  • mold;
  • medications( eg, aspirin, ibuprofen);
  • respiratory tract infection;
  • stressful situations, feelings, depression;
  • cigarette smoke;
  • viruses of acute respiratory infections, influenza;
  • too intense physical activity;
  • eczema.

The risk factors include occupations associated with a constant interaction with allergens:

  • plasterers, carpenters, painters;
  • nurses, chemists and lab technicians;
  • veterinarians, livestock farm workers;
  • welders;
  • cooks, bakers, waiters.

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Symptoms of

Symptomatology can be either very severe or mild. The most striking feature is attacks of suffocation, between which there are practically no symptoms.

The duration of such an attack varies from several minutes to several days. In this case, the state of the patient with acute shortage of oxygen becomes critical.

Severe asthma is characterized by severe seizures. They begin usually slowly, and you can prepare for them. But some people have asthma attacks suddenly. Especially dangerous is oxygen deficiency for children and elderly people.

Characteristic signs of the disease are:

  • dry or wet cough;
  • appearance of an inguity between the ribs when inhaled air;
  • circles under the eyes;
  • difficulty breathing( during physical activity intensify);
  • constant shortness of breath( especially at night and in the morning);
  • difficulty breathing in a cool room or during the cold season;
  • chronic cough without phlegm;
  • breathing is accompanied by a whistle;
  • improvement after taking medications that help open the bronchi.

To understand that a person has started an asthma attack, it is easy to be on the following signs :

  • face and lips acquired a cyanotic shade;
  • veins in the neck area increased in volume and swollen;
  • thorax was widely spread;
  • wheezed and whistled;
  • the patient complains of pain and chest pressure;
  • the person stops breathing;
  • markedly increased sweating;
  • pulse is accelerated;
  • it becomes difficult for a person to exhale;
  • the patient is in an emotionally unstable state( due to shortness of breath).

General recommendations

For asthmatics, everything that is related to pine needles is incredibly useful: baths, oils, medicinal decoction. Even a simple walk through the coniferous forest can alleviate the condition of the sick person.

Excellent effect on the body hardening procedures. Positive effect on the health of mustard wraps.

A seizure will help special gymnastics. First you need to breathe in with your nose, inflate your stomach, exhale with your mouth and draw your stomach into you. It is necessary to inhale superficially, but to exhale very slowly. Also, the exercise at which the exhalation with sounds occurs( first "Z" and "Sh", and then - "A" and "E") also helps.

Asthmatics must follow a diet, based on vegetables and proteins, to reduce the amount of salt.

What are the folk remedies for the treatment of the disease?

Folk remedies recommended by doctors.


You will need: dried nettle leaves.

How to cook: an effective folk remedy for asthma attacks is a decoction of nettle leaves. To make it, you need a spoonful of dried herbs and a mug of boiling water. The nettle is infused for 15-20 minutes, after which the broth is planted through gauze or a strainer.

Aloe and oats

You will need: kilo oats, water, aloe 200 grams.

How to cook: one kilogram of oats is poured into two liters of clean water. Put the container on a small fire, stand for about four hours. The swollen mixture is cooled in a natural way and filtered through gauze. Aloe leaves are ground and added to a container. Add one spoonful of good red wine.

Honey with birch

It will take: a spoon of honey, foliage of thyme, raspberry and birch, 100 ml of quality alcohol.

How to cook: dry the plants, grind them into powder. Add a little water and put the container on the fire. Bring to a boil, then let cool. Pour a little fresh honey into the liquid. To increase the effect, add a little alcohol to the container.

Licorice infusion

You will need: 25 grams of licorice, water.

How to cook: in a mug of water fall asleep dried licorice, put on fire and boil for 10-15 minutes. Then the container is removed from the fire and allowed to stand for one hour. Drink the resulting broth for 3 tsp.for four days.

Tincture on walnuts

It will take: kilograms of walnuts, 500 ml of alcohol.

How to cook: nuts to clean, chop and pour alcohol. Remove the container in a dark place for a week. After you get it and pour it into convenient bottles of medicine. Eat thirty drops four times a day.

Tincture on honey and garlic

It will take: 500 grams of honey, 100 grams of peeled garlic heads, 500 ml of vodka.

How to cook: chop garlic, combine honey, vodka and garlic. The resulting mixture is put on fire and cook for half an hour. The agent is used hot three times a day in a dosage of 3 tsp.

What is not recommended?

People suffering from suffocation can not be physically active. Also, these patients need to exclude from their menu any meat, products containing starch and whole milk.

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If you follow certain rules, you can reduce the risk of developing asthma. Especially this should be taken into account by people at risk.

  1. When choosing a floor covering, give preference to solid, safe materials. It is advisable not to buy carpets. If all the same at home or at work there is carpet, it must be constantly cleaned. Upholstered furniture in the house is also a dangerous source of dust and ticks. Items of furniture made of wood, vinyl and leather do not have such a problem. Curtains of fabric should be washed once a week or replaced with blinds.
  2. House cleaning should be a regular .You need to use hypoallergenic products without smells.
  3. Bathroom, pantry, cellar and toilet should be constantly ventilated. High humidity is the ideal medium for the appearance of mold. The humidity level should not fall below 50%.
  4. Sheets, blankets and pillows weekly wash in hot water .
  5. The pet should have its own sleeping place. Cats and dogs do not belong in the master's bed.
  6. There should be no cigarette smoke in the house of .Remains of smoke settle on hair, clothes, skin.

Traditional asthma treatments can significantly improve a patient's condition. They should be used constantly, without neglecting the recommendations of the attending physician.