Why knees ache: causes and treatment of folk remedies

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If you are experiencing sudden pain in your knee, then the first thing you need to figure out is what caused this problem, because this symptom can occur with more than 200 different diseases.

Most of these are associated with joints that concern more than half of humanity. Why is there pain in the knees, and how can I cope with it?

Contents of the article:
  • Possible causes
  • What could be the pain?
  • Recipes for traditional medicine
  • Compresses
  • Ointments
  • Infusions for internal reception
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Possible causes

In many cases, pain in the knee indicates the damage to the joints themselves. However, this does not always happen. The main reasons, which can cause unpleasant sensations, are:

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee joint .This is the process of destruction of joint tissues, which, with a long current, can cause deformation and loss of joint mobility.
  • Arthritis of the knee joint
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    .An inflammatory disease that can be both independent and a sign or complication of other diseases. You can read about the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis in this article.
  • Meniscopathy .If the meniscus is damaged, severe pain appears, and the cause may be trauma, sometimes very insignificant. If the problem is not fixed in time, it can become a chronic form and cause a deforming arthrosis.
  • Vascular pain .This is not an articular pathology, but approximately 10% of patients visit the orthopedist with this particular problem. The cause is a violation of blood circulation in the joints. Pain in the vessels can manifest throughout the life of a person.
  • Inflammation of tendons in the knee joint, known as periarthritis .In this case, the discomfort is felt in the inner side of the knee, and it increases with ascending and descending the stairs. Women are most affected by the disease for 40 with overweight.
  • "Reflected pain", manifested by with arthrosis of the hip joint .The knees themselves will not suffer in this case, and the volume of movement in them does not change at all, on the x-ray of the pathology, too, will not be found.

In addition, knee pain may occur due to stretching or normal fatigue as a result of too active physical exertion.

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What could be the pain?

For correct diagnosis in case of pain in the knee, you need to determine the nature of the pain, which can differ:

  • A sudden sudden pain .It can be a sign of a recent injury, blockage of the joint and the appearance in the soft tissues of acute bone growth.
  • Aching pain .He talks about the chronic nature of problems in the joints. It can be inflammation, the onset of arthrosis, as well as the manifestation of meteodependence in vascular disorders. Shooting Pain. May occur if inflammation or a serious stage of arthrosis affects nerve endings.
  • Very severe pain. Evidence of pinching of the nerve, blockage of blood vessels and other acute injuries of this leg zone. It can occur with a fracture, acute inflammation and the last stages of ostearthrosis.
  • Routine pain .In most cases, its causes lie in the spasms of nearby muscles, synovitis, neuropathies and fibrosis capsules.
  • Cutting painful pain in all movements of the .It can be a symptom of a meniscus rupture and blockade of the joints or pinching of the nerve, possibly in the spine.
  • Drawing Pain .Can manifest itself with almost all pathologies of the knee joint.

What should I do?

In case of this unpleasant problem, it is necessary to consult an orthopedic specialist or a neurologist as early as possible. The exact cause, and based on it and the methods of treatment, will be determined during the diagnosis.

Removing knee pain can also be helped by popular folk recipes that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use.


Compresses are the most popular folk remedies in this case, which quickly relieve pain in the knees and prevent its occurrence in the future.

  • Natural yellow clay is useful, in which there are many curative minerals that enter the affected area and alleviate pain symptoms. It is necessary to make a thick mixture of clay and warm water and apply it over the sick zone with a thick layer. Warm the film and something wool, leave for the night. In the morning, rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure is recommended daily for a week. For preventive purposes, it will be enough two times a week.
  • It is necessary to take the same number of flowers of dandelion, chestnut and lilac, and densely to put them in a glass container. Then pour the vodka and insist for two weeks. To use, you need to moisten this tincture with a gauze napkin and apply it to the diseased knee. Also warm it and hold it all night. For a couple of times using this procedure, you can eliminate even the most severe pain.
  • The compress based on lard fats perfectly. A thin slice of fat should be applied to the knee and secured with natural cloth, then apply a warm woolen cloth. Keep it for 10-12 hours. The course of treatment is from seven days.


  • It is necessary to mix 100 g of honey and 5 g of mummy and rub this mixture into the diseased area every day for 10-15 minutes. Do the procedure better before going to bed.
  • Add 100 grams of honey to 0.5 teaspoons of salt, baking soda and dried mustard powder. Use the ointment once a day in the evening. Five procedures will be enough to relieve the pain.
  • It is necessary to grind 50 g of celandine leaves and place in a glass container of 0.5 liters, which must be poured into the top with sunflower or olive oil. The product should be infused for two weeks, then it must be filtered through gauze in several layers. Use the ointment two to three times a day, applying it to a large area with cautious massage movements.

Infusions for internal reception

Such tinctures have a powerful anti-inflammatory and tonic effect. They improve the metabolism in the tissues of the joints, which makes it possible to get rid of the pain in a qualitative and quick way:

  • Grate the root of the horseradish and pour 200 ml of boiling water on it, then let it sit on the water bath for 20 minutes. Drink a tablespoon two or three times a day for 21 days.
  • It is necessary to rinse 50 g of bay leaf and put it in a small enameled container, then add about 250 ml of pure water, simmer on low heat, then allow to cool and drain. What happened, divide into 4 equal parts and drink for four days in small sips between meals. You can repeat the course anew not earlier than in six months.
  • Mix the same amount of willow bark, parsley root and dried nettle. A tablespoon of this mixture should be insisted in a thermos, filling it with 200 ml of boiling water. Eat twice a day for 100 ml after a meal in a warm form.

What is not recommended?

Although the above methods of treatment are reliable and tested for years, nevertheless, one can not use them without consulting a medical specialist and resolving it. The misuse and combination of folk remedies can not only be ineffective, but also seriously exacerbate the situation.

Proper physical activity can be useful for pain in the knees, but, nevertheless, it is important not to overdo it. Too much activity can only aggravate the situation. It is important to find an exercise program that is safe, and stick to it. If you yourself can not do this, it makes sense to see a doctor or a physiotherapist.

Problems with knees increase the risks of falling , which can provoke aggravation of the situation. These risks should be minimized, using only reliable ladders, holding on to the handrails and taking care with ice or other slippery surfaces.

Too complicate the situation can be overweight. It is not necessary to strive for perfect leanness, but in the presence of extra pounds it is recommended to get rid of them with the help of proper physical activity and a balanced diet.

For pains in the knee, the shoes that you wear play an important role. Do not wear tight and uncomfortable shoes or shoes, women are not recommended high heels. Ideally, you need to use special orthopedic insoles.

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Prevention measures

The first thing you need to do to prevent knee pain is to normalize your weight .Each weight dropped significantly reduces the load on the joints.

Competent diet and moderate physical activity are useful for weight loss, and to improve the condition of knee joints in general. In sports, you need to try to work on strengthening the muscles that support the knee joints.

Another measure to prevent pain in the knees - smoking cessation .Chemicals that are full of tobacco smoke, negatively affect the restoration of ligaments, and it is their ruptures that are the popular causes of pain in the knees.

If you are going on a long trip on foot or by bike, try to bring along a piece of gauze or a small towel. When you feel a strong tension in your knees, moisten it and wrap the knee, this will help prevent severe pain.

If you are often in a sitting position, try not to bend your knees too much - periodically straighten them.

If you have pain in the knees, and you managed to get rid of them, return to the habitual way of life smoothly and gradually .First, resume your normal household chores, but do so in such a way as to avoid discomfort.

Somewhat later, the load can be increased - for example, jogging regularly. In this case, you should stop taking analgesics if you have done this earlier, because you risk greatly overstraining the knee, and the pain will start to bother you again.

See a video about what can be done at home if the knees ache: