Adenomyosis of the uterus: treatment with folk remedies and reviews of women about prescriptions

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Uterine adenomyosis is often referred to as internal endometriosis. In this disease, the endometrium, which plays the role of the mucosa of the inner shell, grows in other areas of the organ. It turns out that endometrial cells carry out the process of reproduction beyond the boundaries of the mucous membrane.

Contents of the article:
  • Possible causes
  • Characteristic symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • Traditional medicine recipes
  • What is not recommended to take?
  • Reviews about folk treatment
  • Prevention

Possible causes

The appearance of the disease provokes several factors:

  • abortion;
  • surgical intervention for other diseases of the genitals;
  • late onset of sexual activity;
  • severe or late delivery;
  • use of oral contraceptives or spiral;
  • extragenital diseases;
  • frequent stays in a stressful condition;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • of genital inflammation;
  • weakening of immunity after viral diseases( in this article you will find folk antiviral drugs for children) or allergies;
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  • bad ecology;
  • first early or late menstruation;The overweight is
  • .

Characteristic symptoms of

The presence of the disease can be recognized by a number of its symptoms:

  • spotting before or after the onset of menstruation;
  • headaches;
  • sensation of weakness and drowsiness;
  • shortness of breath;
  • low productivity and efficiency;
  • white mucus coat.

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General recommendations of

There are two standard methods of treating adenomyosis. The first is the surgical intervention .During the operation the foci of the disease are removed, and the condition of the organ is restored.

The second technique is therapy with .It is prescribed in the case when the disease is not progressing enough and surgical intervention can be avoided. Under therapy is meant the use of medications that have a positive effect on immunity and the hormonal system.

There is also a third way to get rid of the disease - reception of effective folk remedies .Before giving preference to this method, consult a gynecologist. Some components indicated in home recipes, can adversely affect the body with individual intolerance and the presence of other diseases.

It is advisable to use home remedies as a supplement to traditional treatment. Do not use them yourself, especially if the signs of the disease have been noticed for a long time, and the well-being is significantly deteriorating.

How to treat at home?

There are several intensively acting agents that can help with ailment:

  • Take one hundred grams of dry sabelnik and pour it into a pan with a liter of water. Cook the grass for about twelve minutes after boiling. Cool the broth and drink it two hundred and fifty milliliters two or three times a day.
  • Place a large spoon of dry angelica in a glass of boiled water. Judge the infusion and drink before eating. It is advisable to take three glasses a day.
  • A large spoonful of dry bovine uterus fill in a container with half a liter of water. Boil the mixture for half an hour, and then cool. It is advisable to drink the liquid during the day.
  • Create an herbal collection with a shepherd's bag, root of ayr and tent, and nettle. You need to take a small spoon of each component. Pour dry herbs half a liter of water, soak under a closed lid for forty minutes and divide the infusion into two portions. The first half should be drunk in the morning, and the second half in the evening.
  • A good broth is obtained from the dry of the root of the coil and the grass of the spore .It takes two large spoons of each ingredient. Mix them with a half liter of water boil for twelve minutes. Drink within a day in small doses.

What is not recommended?

Some activities will be very harmful for adenomyosis. Here's what are the direct contraindications:

  • Massage, which makes an illiterate master. Competent massage in this case will help to normalize blood circulation, improve the functioning of the genital organs, remove discomfort. All these improvements will only be visible after a session conducted by a specialist. In other situations, the effect will be reversed.
  • Thermal effects of .Long stay in the sun, taking hot baths, visiting saunas - all this will hurt the sick.
  • Self-medication without doctor's consultation .In no case should you take medication and folk remedies if you have not received approval from a gynecologist. Having acted on the contrary, it is possible to bring the situation to a lamentable outcome.

Reviews about the people's treatment

Svetlana, 33 years old

I had an adenomyosis after the birth of a second baby. Childbirth was a problem, and after them the state of health deteriorated sharply. The diagnosis was not pleased, but the doctor prescribed many medications and advised a decoction of the hog uterus.

At first I was treated only with drugs, but then I decided to use a folk remedy. Perhaps it was a self-hypnosis, but after a week of using a home remedy, I found improvements in my state of health.

Rose, 25 years old

Unfortunately, my adenomyosis is hereditary. Having found out its signs for the first time, the doctor advised therapy with hormonal preparations. It turned out that I was not cured, so the problem appeared again.

My second treatment involved taking both folk and medical remedies. I used infusion of nettle, aira and shepherd's bag. Frankly, the effect was noticed quickly. Collection of herbs helped me great!

Nina, 46

The decoction of the saber is what saved me from the operation. When a gynecologist discovered I had adenomyosis, he first prescribed a bunch of drugs for me. They did not help, so the case approached the surgical room.

Mom advised me to a saber, I began to make a decoction and drink from it. A week later I went to the doctor, and he noticed improvements. So I escaped the operation and recovered.

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Prevention of

In most cases, adenomyosis of the uterus can be prevented. The list of preventive measures includes:

  • Timely rest .If you face daily mental and physical stress, it is recommended that you rest with your body and soul. It is desirable to more often stay in the open air and sometimes provide yourself with a small mobility.
  • Relaxation of the .It is very useful in cases when there are many stressful situations in life. If you can not eliminate provokers of excitement, visit the massage room and do not refuse other relaxing procedures.
  • Strengthening the immunity of .This can help correct nutrition, hardening and saturation of the body with vitamin complexes.

This disease can significantly worsen the condition of not only the genitals, but the entire body. Try to visit the gynecologist's office every year, so that if adenomyosis is detected, you can cope with the disease with the help of useful folk remedies and a small number of medications.

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