Bursitis of the elbow joint: causes and treatment at home

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Bursitis of the elbow joints( knee and others) cause a lot of inconvenience to a person. This disease is painful and restricts the patient's movements. The disease is not life threatening, but can go on into a chronic form and greatly impair the quality of a person's life.

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  • What is it?
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  • Preventive measures

What is it?

Bursitis of the elbow joint causes inflammation of the synovial bag. The liquid in it changes the composition, and the volume increases.

Around all the joints are located synovial bags( or bursa in Latin), in which there is a special liquid. These bags serve as lubricants.

When moving, the joints rub against each other, the lubricating fluid allows them to move normally and not be injured. Around the elbow joint there are three bursa, in each of them there is a lubricating fluid. Thanks to them, the elbow moves painlessly.

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The ulnar bursitis has an extensive classification:

  • on the course of the disease bursitis is acute, subacute, recurrent and chronic,
  • for the localization of inflammation the disease can be ulnar, radiolucent or interosseous ulna. This depends on which of the three synovial bags is inflamed,
  • by the nature of the fluid in the bursa, the disease can be purulent( pus can accumulate in the pouch), hemorrhagic( in the bursa contains blood) or serous( the fluid is uninfected).

Causes of development of

There are several factors that lead to bursitis of the elbow joint:

  • Obtaining a mechanical trauma to the elbow of ( sometimes inflammation occurs some time after falling or hitting),
  • arthritis is one of the main causes of bursitis. Arthritis can be psoriatic, rheumatoid or gouty. Against this background, fluid accumulates in the bursa and the disease develops,
  • microtraumas also lead to bursitis. Elbow can be injured due to constant monotonous movements. Often, bursitis is referred to the professional illness of draftsmen, chess players, engravers, computer programmers - people whose work is related to elbow support,
  • infection of - if a skin tissue is injured near the synovial bag, an infection can enter the bursa, which leads to inflammation.
Very rare idiopathic inflammation of the bag - its causes have not been clarified by medicine so far.

The key risk factors include metabolic disorders, diabetes mellitus, prolonged exposure to stress, a general weakening of immunity( how to strengthen immunity in adults read the link).


The disease manifests itself in different ways, based on the stage and form. The main symptoms of the disease include the following:

  • edema, localized in the elbow area. It arises unexpectedly, usually does not cause pain when moving. If the swelling is not treated, then the course of the disease will worsen. Further treatment will be complicated,
  • redness of the skin around the elbow,
  • decreased mobility of the joint,
  • increase in body temperature( both local and subfebrile temperature can be increased).

Symptoms depend on the form of bursitis. If a purulent fluid( purulent bursitis) accumulates inside the bag, then a temperature increase up to 40 degrees is possible, a person experiences severe pain, body aches, the functions of other body systems are disrupted.

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General recommendations

Diagnosis of elbow bursitis is performed by a physician. He gives recommendations for further treatment. You can apply traditional methods after the doctor has made an accurate diagnosis.

Folk methods must be used in conjunction with drug treatment( an experienced specialist will tell you which methods are combined with each other).

Before using any method, it is worth consulting with the attending physician, he will give the necessary advice and help you choose the perfect folk method for you.

Self-treatment usually does not lead to positive results, the disease can only progress, and the general condition of the patient will worsen. Running bursitis can lead to immobilization of the joint.

How to treat folk remedies?

  • The simplest and easiest way to treat is the potato compress .Take the raw potatoes, peel it. Cut thin slices, put on cheesecloth or bandage and attach to the edema, gently tied a bandage. Hold the compress on your elbow all night. In the morning, remove it, wash the skin. Use this method for a month until the edema subsides. When applying the compress, be careful, avoid too tight dressings.
  • There is one more ancient and effective tool for the treatment of elbow bursitis, but it is characterized by a sharp, unpleasant odor. Take three chestnuts and three leaves of aloe , grind them as much as possible. Add them to the medical bile( it is sold in a pharmacy in standard packaging).Pour half a liter of vodka into the mixture. Soak the tincture for ten days. Apply compresses to the ill elbow for 10 - 11 days. Store the tincture in a dark glass container in a cool place.
  • Well helps cure bursitis and the use of flax seeds .Take 100 grams of this product, warm them up. Wrap it in gauze and attach to the sick elbow. Hold the compress until the flax seed cools. The procedure should be repeated within two weeks.
  • To remove excess liquid salt will help. Spoon a tablespoon of salt in half a liter of boiling water. Wet a woolen cloth in a warm solution, attach to a sore spot. Keep the compress all night( 9 hours).The procedure should be applied within a week.
  • Good anti-inflammatory drug - cabbage .Take one cabbage leaf, beat it well with a hammer( wait for the juice to appear).Attach to the affected area, fixing the film( you can cellophane), and then woolen cloth. Compress should be worn continuously, changing cabbage every four hours. After a week of treatment, the disease must pass.
  • Coniferous tub can help with bursitis. Take half a kilogram of fresh fir or pine, pour water and boil for half an hour. The solution should be infused for 12 hours, ideally it will turn brown. Preheat the concentrate to 38 degrees, pour it into the tub and lower the elbow for 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure every day until you cure bursitis.
  • Inside you can use a mixture of honey and apple cider vinegar .In 250 milliliters of water, add a teaspoon of honey and a few drops of vinegar. Take a drink after eating. But not more than 2 glasses a day.
  • The salt bath also helps with bursitis. In 50 liters of a bath put 2 kgs of salt. Before taking a bath, drink a glass of grapefruit juice, it will help to remove excess fluid from the body.
  • You can treat bursitis with Kalanchoe .Take large leaves, wash them and put them in the refrigerator. Take one leaf at a time, pour it over with boiling water. Carefully attach the Kalanchoe to the sore spot and secure it. Change the leaf as soon as you see that it has begun to dry out. Compress should be put every day for several hours.

What is not recommended?

In this disease, it is necessary to limit physical activity, as they can worsen a patient's condition. It should be neat and when applying compress. Too tight dressings will not bring anything good, only injure the injured place more.

For bursitis of the elbow joint, should be excluded from the diet or significantly limited to the following products:

  • margarine,
  • instant food,
  • canned food, sausage,
  • sparkling water,
  • alcohol,
  • salted and greasy food,
  • any products on which code is availableE.

These products are harmful to the joints, bones, stomach and kidneys, because they contain oxidants.

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Preventative measures

Preventative measures include the following:

  • Elbow guard against possible injuries and other injuries,
  • Do not overload your elbows with too long work, excessive sports,
  • , when using contact sports, you should use personal protective equipment( elbow pads and knee pads),
  • , warm up muscles and joints before any sport.

The prevention of arthritis( it contributes to the appearance of bursitis) is also necessary: ​​

  • healthy nutrition,
  • alternation of labor and rest,
  • performance of exercise therapy,
  • body weight tracking.

If you have the first symptoms of a disease, do not ignore it. Swelling and pain will not go away without treatment. Timely therapy of elbow bursitis will lead to a full recovery and help to avoid serious consequences.

Also see the video about the treatment of elbow bursitis: