Whether it is possible to warm a nose at a genyantritis, or it is strictly forbidden?

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In patients with sinusitis, there is often a question about the safety of warming during treatment.

Only inflammation of the nasal sinuses can have various causes and character, and heat can lead to serious consequences.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish the conditions under which heating can be safe, and when it can provoke undesirable states.

Contents of the article:
  • A little about the disease and its symptoms
  • Is it allowed to warm up the nose?
  • How to do this?
  • Precautions

A little about the disease and its symptoms

The sinusitis at first is accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • permanent runny nose,
  • shortness of breath,
  • nasal.

During the onset of the disease, the purulent contents of the maxillary sinuses leave easily, although the nose is completely embedded. At this stage of development, one can easily cope with the disease and there is the possibility of using a warming nose.

Modern medicine offers different treatment options:

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  • Conservative methods with the use of medical drugs,
  • Surgical methods when sinus puncture is performed to purify them from purulent contents.

By refusing the proposed official medical methods, patients are engaged in self-medication, which involves the use of folk recipes. These include compresses and warming, which in some cases can cause serious harm to the body.

Is it allowed to warm up the nose?

It is strictly forbidden to neglect such a serious disease , which does not pass independently or from warming up. Even a simple rhinitis should be treated so that it does not pass into the acute stage, and then into chronic sinusitis. Then it will be useless to drink medicines, only a sinus puncture and a pumping of pus will help.

There are serious contraindications to warming up the nose during exacerbation of sinusitis: you can get the opposite effect, increasing puffiness and provoking an exacerbation.

But in some cases, sinusitis can be warmed without fear of the complications of .For example, at the end of the inflammatory process, when the mucosal repair begins, purulent discharge decreases, and the disease recedes.

How to do it right?

Thermotherapy is an auxiliary procedure that is performed with the permission of the doctor.

to warm the nasal sinuses may be used:

  • hardboiled warm egg in a shell,
  • cloth soaked in hot broth Hypericum or chamomile,
  • hot salt in a pouch made of thick fabric,
  • warm paraffin tissue napkin,
  • inhalation over cooked potatoes,
  • blue lamp( Minin reflector),
  • steam inhalation with eucalyptus and menthol oils. If an allergic reaction occurs, this method can provoke swelling and shortness of breath,
  • massage of the paranasal sinuses to increase blood circulation, warming and eliminating purulent discharge.

These treatments are suitable for pregnant women , who can not take antibiotics. However, self-medication is not recommended, because the optimal and correct therapy is prescribed by the doctor.

Treatment lasts about a week. The procedures are held for 5 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

A physician can prescribe physiotherapy procedures that are performed in a medical facility. The procedure for treatment with UHF is prescribed only when the purulent stage has not occurred. Impulse currents are prescribed for severe pain, they anesthetize and stop the inflammatory process.

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Nasal warming with maxillary sinusitis is allowed only in the case when the inflammatory process has passed from acute to recovery stage. Warming is carried out by a patient with chronic sinusitis during remission after a hypothermia. In this case, you can stop the development of exacerbation of the disease.

It is strictly forbidden to warm up the nose for sinusitis:

  • with fever and fever,
  • with meningococcal disease,
  • with fungal infection of the maxillary sinuses,
  • with hemophilic rod,
  • with developed purulent maxillary sinusitis.

Self-prescribed warming and lack of adequate treatment can provoke:

  • otitis media of the middle ear,
  • ophthalmic edema,
  • development of jaw bone inflammation,
  • head vascular lesion.
In especially severe cases, you can get purulent meningitis, swelling and brain abscess.

Having noticed even a slight deterioration after nasal heating, it is necessary to immediately stop the thermotherapy and consult a doctor.

Why is the treatment of a serious disease, such as sinusitis, to be entrusted to a professional doctor? Untimely warming up can worsen a patient's condition, spreading to the middle ear and brain. Not cured in time and neglected sinusitis often turns into meningitis and death.

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