The benefits and harms of cocoa for the health of the body

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Did you know that the birthplace of cocoa is the Amazon forest. Fruits of cocoa grow on a chocolate tree and they are widely used in the food industry and medicine. The main ingredient of chocolate is the same cocoa.

From the language of the ancient Greeks this word is translated as "food of the gods".Cocoa beans were valued in the old days along with gold. At first, grain was presented as a gift only to kings.

For a long time, hot chocolate remained the prerogative of the nobility. The inhabitants of the European continent first tried the amazing taste of these grains in the 15th century. And the technology, which extracted the beans from the powder and oil, was invented by the Dutchman Conrad van Hoyten.

200 years ago hot chocolate was a sign of prosperity and luxury, only respectable people could afford a cup of a fragrant drink.

How do you think, where did the tradition come from, when serving hot drinks, put a cup on a saucer? Today, we consider this a sign of a good tone, and in the 18th century, thus, a tribute to thrift was paid. Since chocolate was very expensive, we drank it, substituting a saucer under a cup, thereby saving every drop of precious liquid.

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To get 1 kg of grated cocoa, 40 fruits( or about 1200 beans) will be needed.

The largest importer of cocoa among all countries is the Netherlands. The population of this republic consumes more than 18% of the world harvest.

The process of making cocoa powder is simple: takes the beans and presses them with a hot method, thus producing cocoa butter. Then take a low-fat cake, grind and get a powder, which is used to make a healthy and tasty drink.

For the production of chocolate, cocoa butter, vanilla, sugar and other ingredients are added to the powder.

Useful properties of cocoa
  • Nutritional value and caloric content
  • Harmful and contraindicated
  • Methods of application in folk medicine
  • Useful properties of cocoa

    The beans contain the substance - theobromine, which in its composition is similar to caffeine. Theobromine can excite the nervous system, dilate the bronchi and coronary vessels.

    Bean seeds contain many useful substances, such as: proteins, carbons, minerals, tannins and aromatic components.

    Cocoa has a good property - the ability to produce endorphins( they increase mood, improve general well-being, improve performance and have a beneficial effect on mental activity).

    Also included in the product are polyphenols, which lower blood pressure. For this reason, this drink should be included in your diet hypertensive patients.

    Cocoa bean epoxetine is an excellent preventative against strokes and heart attacks, as well as on the onset of cancer.

    Known fact: Native Americans - Indians are considered long-livers, and the reason for this is quite common: regular consumption of cocoa.

    This healing drink is a good remedy for depression.

    Flavonoids and other natural antioxidants contained in cocoa help the human body cope with the problem of rapid wear and aging.

    Women who have problems with menstrual cycles are shown to use cocoa. It helps to cope with adverse symptoms.

    This drink is a real salvation for those who are dieting. He has a small caloric value the only thing that in this case you can not use sugar. If necessary, you can add fructose in small amounts.

    There is a lot of magnesium and iron in cocoa, and if milk is added to the drink, it will also be enriched with calcium.

    The scientists managed to prove that cocoa is very useful for people of old age. It not only regulates pressure, but also has a positive effect on blood circulation in the brain, and this in turn helps to keep the mind clear for a long time, and memory is solid.

    Cocoa has another useful quality: it can quickly heal wounds and protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

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    Nutritional value and calorific value of

    The nutritional value of the product is very high, as it contains ingredients that together can meet our physiological needs in all the necessary substances and energy.

    In 100 grams of cocoa contains 289 kcal. Of these:

    • proteins - 24, 3 grams;
    • fats - 15 grams;
    • carbohydrates - 10 grams;
    • food fiber - 35.5 grams;
    • organic acids - 4, 0 grams;
    • water 5 grams;
    • monosaccharides - 2 grams;
    • starch - 8.2 grams;
    • ash - 6.3 grams;
    • fatty acids( saturated) - 9 grams.

    Vitamin complex: PP, A, Beta-carotene, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, E, and also the composition includes micro-and-macroelements.

    The calorie content of the product in percentage terms is 14 - 15% of the total daily consumption rate. Of these:

    • 34%( 97.2 kCal) - proteins;
    • 47%( 135kKal) - fats;
    • 14%( 40.8 kcal) - carbohydrates.

    Harm and contraindications

    Cocoa, other than good, may cause harm to human health. And this is explained by the presence of caffeine in its composition( about 0.2%).This indicator should be considered before giving a drink to small children or pregnant women.

    There are a lot of different information about caffeine, including contradictory ones. Therefore, cocoa should be very carefully treated those people who have contraindications to the use of caffeine.

    It is worth knowing that the fact that cocoa beans grow in countries where the sanitary situation wants to be at a higher level. And this affects the fruits of cocoa. They love to settle cockroaches, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.

    Do not forget that the plantations on which trees grow are exposed to pesticide treatments in large quantities.

    Know that this culture is subjected to chemical treatments much more intensively than any other fruit plantations.

    In the industry, beans are treated from pests and radiological method. As you understand, this can not but affect negatively our health.

    All manufacturers, of course, unanimously repeat that it is their products that undergo thorough and at the same time gentle treatment. But, unfortunately, it is not always possible to verify the veracity of their statements that the cocoa powder is prepared in compliance with all the necessary safety standards.

    There are a number of people who do not want to use cocoa:

    • are children who have not reached the age of 3;
    • people who have been diagnosed with such diseases as diabetes, diarrhea, atherosclerosis;
    • in the presence of various ailments of the nervous system;
    • because of the presence of purine compounds in the product, it should not be included in your diet to people with kidney disease and gout. The over-saturation of the organism with purines will result in the accumulation of uric acid and the excessive deposition of salts in the bones;
    • cocoa in no case can be drunk with increased acidity of the stomach, as it contributes to the production of gastric secretion in excessive amounts,
    • people suffering from constipation should also limit the use of this drink;
    • stimulating effect of the product may adversely affect those who have various heart diseases;
    • allergy sufferers also need to be very cautious about cocoa.

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    Methods of application in folk medicine

    The medical aspect of cocoa use in folk medicine is quite diverse. This product is used with great success for the treatment of colds.

    Cocoa is considered to be an excellent antitussive and expectorant .It is also able to dilute sputum well.

    The effectiveness of the use of cocoa butter for bronchitis, pneumonia, angina and the has been proven. The therapeutic drink should be prepared as follows: take cocoa butter and dilute it with hot milk.

    This product also lubricates the sore throat .During the epidemics of viral diseases, doctors are strongly advised to lubricate the nasal mucosa prophylactically.

    In addition, cocoa will help to solve the problems associated with unsatisfactory work of the intestine. It is taken in the case when it is necessary to remove the cholesterol from the blood. With gastric ailments, cholecystitis.

    With hemorrhoids, candles can be used from cocoa butter and propolis ( 10: 1 ratio).To prepare hemorrhoids, mix the ingredients and form small candles from the resulting mass. Allow them to freeze well and then insert into the anus for medical treatment for one month.

    Cocoa butter well helps with hemorrhoidal cones .

    The stomach ulcer can be cured with cocoa, butter, honey and chicken yolks. To prepare the medicine, all components must be taken in equal proportions. The ingredients are mixed and take 2 weeks for 1 dessert spoon 6 - 7 times a day.

    Tuberculosis remedy: take aloe juice( the plant must be over 3 years old) - 15 ml, 100 grams of butter and 100 grams of cocoa powder, mix everything and add it all to a glass of warm milk. We take 1 tablespoon 3 - 4 times a day.

    Remember, only high quality beans can be of use if they are grown without pesticides and other harmful impurities. Know that poor-quality raw materials are being brought from China.

    A quality product is a natural powder. In a soluble product, there are many dyes and flavors.

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