We tear out the tooth at home without pain - it's very simple

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Despite all the modern equipment and professional approach, going to the dentist for many remains an unpleasant phenomenon. In the treatment room, the smell of medicines is haunting, and from one kind of instruments it becomes bad. Therefore, when a tooth needs to be removed (especially dairy children), the question arises as to how to tear a tooth without pain at home.

  • Without pain and negativity
  • Important stages of the preparatory process
  • Option number 1 with gauze
  • Option 2 simple thread
  • How can you tear a tooth without pain, if it does not stagger
  • How to tear out a root tooth without pain to itself
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Important! Of course, there are situations when it is not necessary to resort to methods of home treatment. It is necessary to consult a doctor for professional help. But dairy, as well as wisdom teeth, many have managed to tear at home. It is important to observe all the nuances of the process.

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Without pain and negativity

Most often, adults are looking for how to tear a tooth to a child at home without pain. Dairy begin to fall out at the age of six. Staggering, they cause unpleasant sensations and interfere with the normal life of the child. If the tooth is already swinging, you can think about self-removal.

Important stages of the preparatory process

Step # 1

Before you start the process, you need to understand whether it will be possible to remove it yourself. As a rule, with unstable milk teeth should not be a problem. Sometimes they are too deep in the gums and are not available for self-removal. This can be understood after a visual inspection.

Step # 2

On the gum should not be swelling or strong redness. If swelling is present, this indicates the presence of an inflammatory process. In this case, to maintain the health of the child without going to the dentist can not do.

Step # 3

It will take a clean gauze and any antiseptic from the pharmacy to work. You need to wet the gauze in the product and put it on the tooth. Try to grab it from the sides and start slowly swinging in different directions. The method will help to understand how deep the tooth is in the gum.

Step # 4

If the gum is loose, the tooth will be removed without any special problems. A dense gum may prevent it from swinging, but you can gradually increase the amplitude.

Step # 5

If the gum is plastic and staggers well, there is no swelling and redness around, start the removal process at home.

What you need to delete:

  • sterile gauze;
  • a bowl for spitting out saliva;
  • thread clean;
  • any antiseptic;
  • sterile fleece.

Important! Before starting the procedure for removing a person you need to set up positively. It is necessary to eat tightly, after pulling it is impossible to take food for three hours. Do not forget to clean your teeth after the meal, rinse your mouth.

Option number 1 with gauze

Man put on a chair, located in a well-lighted place. Take the tooth gauze, begin to swing, pulling out of the gum. When you feel that he is ready to leave the gum, you need to quickly pull out. To pull out stands sharply, without force, so as not to cause a person strong pain.

Option 2 simple thread

A common, according to many, simple way how to tear a tooth without pain at home is itself, is the use of the thread. The thread is treated with the selected antiseptic. Then she needs to tie a tooth and pull the thread in the opposite direction from the jaw.

Important! When using the thread for removal, do not pull sideways. So you damage the gum and can even leave debris in the gums.

When the tooth is removed, the mouth needs to be rinsed, put a cotton swab into the open gum, which is pre-soaked in antiseptic. After a quarter of an hour, remove the swab, but you can not eat for three hours.

Important! If complications occur during the home procedure or after, you should immediately contact the dentist. Among the complications it is worth noting reddening and swelling of the gums, the appearance of impassable pain.

How can you tear a tooth without pain, if it does not stagger

Pre-examine the area around the aching tooth: is there any redness, suppuration, swelling. Then take a piece of bandage or gauze and soak it in the antiseptic solution (purchased at the pharmacy), wash your hands well and apply a cheesecloth to the tooth. Grab his fingers from the outside and inside and try to loosen.

With a loose gum around the tooth - you should get to remove it (the tooth will give way to rocking). If not - you'll have to visit the dentist. Do not pull the tooth to the side, in order not to damage the gum. If it turns out to rip, then rinse the mouth with an antiseptic solution.

How to tear out a root tooth without pain to itself

There are several ways that you can use at home:

  • loosen the tooth with your tongue, if you feel that it is weakly holding, then pull out;
  • regularly eat hard fruits and vegetables on the side of a sick tooth;
  • It is not recommended to touch the gum and the tooth with your hands, so as not to infect the infection (in extreme cases, the hands must be thoroughly washed with soap, or can be treated with an antiseptic, or a bandage).

But it's better not to torture yourself, but to seek help from a specialist who, with the help of anesthesia, will carry out this procedure quickly and painlessly.

It can not be said that there are some special tricks in this matter, how to tear a tooth without pain at home. You can do it yourself. The main thing is to prepare sterile tools for work and not to be afraid, acting quickly.