Sweating: photos, symptoms and treatment in adults

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Infusion in adultsSweating is a skin ailment associated with hyperfunction of the sweat glands and blockage of the outflow ducts. Do not treat the chicken as a purely childhood disease.

Adults for a number of reasons (both external and internal) can also be "carriers" of rash rashes. In this case, sweating can indicate serious errors in the care of the body or internal disease.


In adulthood, the sweatshop manifests itself in various ways and delays the hassle to varying degrees, depending on its type.

  1. Red sweatshop. This form of sweets refers to the average in severity. In the area of ​​redness, regions of nodules and vesicles are formed that burst and release a serous fluid. Usually, they appear in places of friction: on the folds of the skin, in the armpits, in the inguinal zone. The itch is clearly pronounced.
  2. Papular type. This is the worst case of sweating - it involves deep layers of the skin. Often, it occurs in those who live in a climate zone with high humidity and air temperature for a long time, and has not managed to adapt to these conditions.
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  4. Crystal type. This is the easiest form, which manifests itself in the form of a small rash with a pearly ebb. As a rule, the mild itching is either absent or weakly expressed.

Depending on the type of sweating in adults (see Fig. photo), the symptoms and ways of treatment will also be different. We'll talk more about this later.


One of the main causes of sweating in adults - increased sweating or hyperhidrosis - violation of the robot apocrine glands. Also, the cause of the rash may be disorders of the endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous systems that provoke sweating.

The provoking factors, which can cause a chalk:

  • high humidity of air;
  • heat;
  • obesity;
  • diabetes;
  • metabolic disease;
  • synthetic close clothing;
  • Closed shoes made of materials that do not pass air well;
  • heavy physical labor.

Quite often the appearance of a hot potion is promoted by several reasons at once: hot, humid weather and wearing clothes made of dense fabric, not allowing enough air to the skin.

Symptoms of sweating in adults

Skin rash is the main symptom of sweating. The adult can notice redness, itch, light pain. The appearance of this or that symptomatology depends on the type of sweating:

  1. Crystalline- the most widespread kind. On the body appear white or semitransparent bubbles 1-2 mm in size. Multiple eruptions often merge. After a while, the vesicles burst, the skin area dries up and peels off. Infusion in adults occurs on the back, chest, flexor surface of the limbs. Inflammation of newborns and babies affects the upper part of the trunk, neck, face.
  2. Papular. Occurs in people who have not adapted to the tropical climate. On the skin appear papules, blisters, painful sensations occur in the skin lesion zone, the body temperature can rise. Papular sweating sometimes lasts even for years, requires serious treatment.
  3. Red. Numerous red nodules with a diameter of 1-3 mm appear on the skin. Inside is a cloudy liquid. The edges of the formations are surrounded by an inflamed corolla. In most cases, the bubbles do not merge with each other. A rise in temperature leads to new rashes.

In the case of severe sweating, sweat glands are depleted, causing dry skin. Against the backdrop of deep sweating, pathogenic infections can enter the body, and microbial eczema may also occur. Treatment of sweating in adults is delayed - instead of a few days of self-cleaning the body takes time from one month to several years.

Powder in Adults: photo

Visually, sweating in adults looks like a mass appearance of bubbles and spots on large surfaces of the skin (see Fig. photo: on the back, abdomen, chest, on the knee-elbow folds, face, neck, in the armpits, in women under the mammary glands.

How to treat a chicken in adults

In case of sweating in adults, treatment consists, first of all, in the elimination of favorable conditions for its occurrence. In other words, everything must be done to keep the skin from sweating, breathing freely and being clean all the time. To do this, reduce physical activity, wash more often, and regularly ventilate the room. Clothes should be natural.

In addition, you need to monitor food, do not eat greasy and spicy food. It is very useful to drink carrot and pomegranate juices, there are more plums, sorrel, lentils. For the treatment of crystalline sweating, this is often enough.Papular and red sweatingrequires the appointment of:

  • antihistamines;
  • anti-inflammatory, drying;
  • antibacterial drugs;
  • oral administration of antibiotics is justified in case of a long sweat, complicated by skin infection.

At home, you can treat the swab as follows:

  1. In the presence of rashes, drying activities are necessary - bathing in herbs (string, chamomile, oak bark), treatment of the skin with cotton swabs with herbs.
  2. When sweating in the area of ​​natural folds help powder - baneoctin, talc, potato starch.
  3. Patches of skin affected by sweat, you can also rub several times a day with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, Alcohol solutions boric or salicylic acid, closed areas of the body can be lubricated with fucorcin.
  4. Treatment of affected skin with a solution of antiseptic (for example, alcohol solution of salicylic acid).
  5. To reduce itching in adults - topical ointments with betamethasone 2 times a day for 3 days, as well as preparations containing menthol, camphor.
  6. In cases where severe itching occurs, the use of antihistamines will help (Tavegil, Claritin Zirtek, Zodak, Cetrin, etc.).
  7. With bacterial infection, taking antimicrobial drugs.

In mild cases, no medications are prescribed, and the pathology passes by itself. With deep hyperhidrosis, qualified therapy is necessary.

Folk remedies

For treatment at home, you can use folk remedies

  1. Chamomile, calendula or a turn, taken in the amount of 1 tablespoon, is brewed with a glass of boiling water and allowed to stand for half an hour. Then in a warm, filtered product, a soft cloth is dipped and rubs it with rashes on the skin.
  2. Use of laundry soap while washing the skin. The soap does not contain perfume fragrances, it dries well the bubbles and cleans the skin of drying elements.
  3. To eliminate the eruptions of sweating can also be prepared and such a good tool. Hawthorn, field horsetail and crayfish take half a teaspoon. Hoof and peppermint add 0.25 teaspoons of each ingredient. To all ingredients, add 1 teaspoon celandine. Re-mixing the collection, it is poured into 200 ml of boiling water and left to infuse for 4 hours. Further infusion filter, and use it for washing the areas of sweating, conducting the procedure 3 times a day.

In each case of sweating, treatment should begin with hygiene - sometimes this is enough to forget about ugly rashes in a couple of days.


People prone to the frequent occurrence of sweating can be advised to follow such rules:

  • observe the normal weight;
  • wearing loose clothes made from natural fabrics (cotton and linen are the best), especially during the hot season;
  • Do not exercise in extreme heat;
  • twice a day, take water procedures;
  • minimal use of decorative cosmetics, especially, tonal creams in the heat;
  • be in the sun in reasonable limits;
  • constantly ventilate the room;
  • treatment of diseases accompanied by intense sweating;
  • try not to scratch the itch, because bacteria can get into the wound surface.

If you take care of the skin condition, you can almost completely avoid the perspiration. In addition, clean clothes made from natural fabrics, fresh air and the optimal temperature in the room, or, for example, normal weight, will make your life comfortable and pleasant, without shortness of breath and malaise.

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