Sore throat painful swallow than to treat antibiotics

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Terribly sore throat, painful swallow, antibiotics already drank



I now have the same problem. I strip: -3 tsp propolis on the floor glass of water, you can often. A little better!

Vladimir Zaika

A similar crap with laryngitis and pharyngitis. I buy beer, boil and drink hot - disgusting, but it helps a lot


anointing the throat with a lugol. it helps me.


try a warm soda rinse

Irina Kuznetsova

can help pills-sosalki pharyngept, help me


This is bad. Antibiotics were not the same... or ask the doctor for other and complex treatment. Plus to hand over analyzes - obvious lowering of immunity!
Inhalations and suckers do not seem to help. You need physiotherapy. But rinse is all the same necessary! Constantly. Lugol, Try iodinol rinse.. .
I feel sympathy.
Get well.


Try such a tool: a table. spoon of apple cider vinegar on a glass of warm water!!! Cry every 30-40 minutes!!! This remedy cures even a sore throat for 2 days!!! And still elegant means STOPPAGIN (also caress)!! Do not get sick and soon get well !!!

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You can try folk remedies, at least you need to soften your throat. Well hot milk (not very hot) with honey and butter is a piece in a mug throw. It tastes good and good, just drink more often.

Svetlana Petrova

I am helped by pharyngocept and strepsils + antibiotics

Evgenia Vodopyanova

Try not to eat anything for 1-2 days! Just drink: Karachi water, tea with lemon, tea with honey. And always rinse your throat = 1 cup of water + 1 tsp of salt. Bed rest. If you do not eat without food for so long, you can have a soup.

Ilya Mihaylovich

Well, why antibiotics? After they are taken and not cured, the virus has even developed resistance to them, now only in the hospital (droppers, diets, constant injections, etc.)... Self-treatment-mutilation

Svetlana Bogatova

Grammidine tablets with an anesthetic, first in grammidine atibiotic, and secondly, the anesthetic "freezes" the throat (as in the dental)

Vyacheslav Ilyukhin

Beeline: Chat Medics - on a 24/7 basis
In general, I'm saved by Holmes, if my throat hurts


using antieuotics in angina, you will soon be without glands, rinse every half hour, salt with iodine, stopangin, iodinol, marigold infusion, eucalyptus infusion. alternate plant and non-vegetative means to prevent chemical burns

Personal Cabinet Removed

rinse your throat every 15 minutes. On a glass of warm boiled water, a pinch of salt, 3-5 drops of iodine. you can rinse with infusion of chamomile, sage. Eat honey. Let your feet warm. better than pills to drink

Elvira Zhamaletdinova

Lemon helps me. Just put a slice of lemon. You can dipped in sugar.
Natural product!

Antibiotics for sore throat. Local antibiotic from the throat

One of the most common reasons for referring patients to doctors is a sore throat. It can be caused by different reasons. In most cases, the throat hurts due to a viral infection. Treatment of such a disease is mostly symptomatic and goes without the use of serious medications. But if the cause of inflammation are bacteria, antibacterial therapy is mandatory. What antibiotic from the throat is better to drink, can only be solved by a doctor. Self-medication is dangerous not only because most of these drugs cause side effects, improper treatment can lead to complications and bacterial resistance to antibiotics.

Causes of sore throat

There are many diseases, the symptom of which is sore throat. Tonsillitis, tonsillitis and SARS are the most common ones. In the case of a viral infection, in addition to sore throat, cough, runny nose and other symptoms are observed. Angina can be both viral and bacterial. Previously, very often it was the cause of death of patients. Now treatment of the throat with antibiotics helps to avoid complications. But the choice of the drug can be done only after conducting laboratory tests and finding out the cause of the disease. In fact an antibiotic from a throat at a virus infection is not only useless, but even harmful medicine. It reduces immunity and prevents the body from resisting the virus. Sometimes, and for other reasons, the throat hurts. Antibiotics are prescribed most often with streptococcal infection. And if the pain is caused by fungal infection, trauma or other diseases, it needs to be treated in other ways.

When antibiotics are prescribed for sore throats

This is done only if the angina is caused by bacteria. Learn about the cause of the disease can not immediately. Usually this is done using a blood test and a smear from the pharynx. At this time the patient's leukocyte count was elevated. In addition, bacterial sore throat can be recognized by the following symptoms:

  • except for sore throat, the temperature is greatly increased, and it is impossible to reduce it by ordinary means;
  • changes the appearance of the tonsils, they swell, there is a serous coating or pus;
  • swollen lymph nodes, and there is soreness in the submandibular zone.

Rules for the use of antibiotics

1. These drugs are very serious, they have many contraindications and side effects. In addition, only a doctor can choose an antibiotic from the throat. After all, different drugs work against certain bacteria. An incorrectly chosen remedy can only bring harm.

2. Never prescribe an antibiotic from the throat immediately when the first symptoms appear. After all, in most cases, angina and tonsillitis are caused by viruses, and other drugs are needed to treat them.

3. It is necessary to strictly comply with the prescribed dose and the timing of taking such drugs. It often happens that after a couple of days of using the antibiotic the patient becomes lighter and he stops drinking the medicine. But this approach is very dangerous, since bacteria become more resistant and can cause serious complications.

4. When the throat is treated with antibiotics, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the mode of their administration. Only if you maintain a certain break between doses of the drug can achieve effective treatment.

5. Antibiotics fight bacteria and remove inflammation. Pain and fever should be removed, in addition taking symptomatic remedies.

6. During the reception of antibiotics it is recommended to drink as much water as possible. In addition, you need to know with what medications this medicine is combined. When prescribing an antibiotic, it is advisable to take additional funds that normalize the intestinal microflora.

Antibiotics for diseases of the throat

Admission of such drugs does not shorten the duration of the disease. But after 2-3 days the patient's condition improves, and the possibility of developing purulent-inflammatory complications decreases. Therefore, with streptococcal and staphylococcal angina, as well as bacterial tonsillitis, the use of antibiotics is mandatory. Without them, the risk of otitis media, pneumonia, or paratonsillar abscess is great. But an experienced doctor will never prescribe such treatment immediately if there is pain in the throat. That infection bacterial, it is possible to learn or find out only in some days. And this is often displeased with moms who are afraid for their child, when he has a fever and sore throat. But one should never start antibiotics without a doctor's appointment. After all, only an expert can know that to many of the bacteria that cause pharyngitis and sore throat, stability has been developed. For example, they are not prescribed now for sore throats "Erythromycin "Tetracycline" and sulfanilamide preparations. In most cases, they are useless in such diseases.

How to choose a drug

Which antibiotics are better for treating the throat? It depends on the age of the patient, the presence of concomitant diseases, allergies and the type of pathogen. With angina, the following drugs are effective:

  • antibiotics of the penicillin group: "Amoxicillin "Sumammed "Bicillin" and others;
  • macrolides - "Azithromycin "Clarithromycin" or "Josamycin
  • Lincosamides are time-tested drugs "Lincomycin "Clindamycin" or "Dalacin
  • cephalosporins - "Cefuroxime "Cephalexin" or "Levofloxacin" - the most commonly used antibiotic. The ear, throat and airways are cleaned from infection very effectively.

Local antibacterial drugs

To treat pain in the throat, you can use not only normal antibiotics. Familiar tablets for absorption or sprays can also contain antibacterial drugs:

  • "Grammicidin" is an antimicrobial drug, on the basis of which several local drugs for the treatment of sore throat are produced. For example, tablets for resorption "Grammidine" and "Grammidine Neo." They do not cause habit of microorganisms and effectively treat tonsillitis and tonsillitis.
  • "Bioparox" - a very effective local antibiotic for the throat in the form of an aerosol, which has anti-inflammatory effect in angina and pharyngitis.
  • The drug "Stopangin" in the form of a spray or tablets for resorption contains an antibiotic benzocaine and is very effective for sore throats.
  • Tablets for resorption "Pharyngocept" contain antibiotic amphazone and for 2-3 days of use are capable of killing a pathogenic microflora in the throat cavity.


This is the best local antibiotic for the throat recently. Its effectiveness is explained by a special combination of compounds:

  • lidocaine hydrochloride is a long-recognized local anesthetic drug;
  • Chlorhexidine is very effective against any bacteria. And at the same time, it does not have deficiencies in antibiotics, it is not absorbed into the blood and walls of the stomach;
  • the main active substance of these tablets for resorption is tirotricin. It is a strong antibacterial drug that destroys the tissues of any bacteria.

Thanks to this composition, "Trachsen" tablets effectively help not only with sore throat, but also relieve inflammation and kill bacteria.

Best Penicillin Antibiotic

Most often it is prescribed for angina "Amoxicillin". It has a broad spectrum of action, is slightly toxic and well tolerated even by small patients. This drug is prescribed in a dose of 500 or even 1000 milligrams three times a day.

Be sure to endure a ten-day course of treatment with the drug, otherwise a recurrent antibiotic-resistant tonsillitis may develop. In this case, or if the treatment with "Amoxicilin" is ineffective, it is replaced with another antibiotic, the best one is the preparation of the group of protected penicillins. If in combination with "Amoxicillin" the drug contains clavulanic acid, it is considered more effective. This substance protects the antibiotic from destruction. It is most often used to treat the throat "Amoxiclav". But there are still many drugs containing this antibiotic: "Klavocin" Danemox "Moxiclav" Flemoklav Solutab "and others.

Cephalosporins: the pros and cons

Many doctors do not like the antibiotics of this group, because they have low bioavailability. But still often with intolerance to penicillins are also prescribed drugs "Cefuroxime" Cefixim "Zinnat" Acef "and others. Not all of them are effective for bacterial pharyngitis. But Russian doctors still often prescribe antibiotics of this group even in injections, especially when the child is sick. But there is no special need for injections in most cases with angina. With this infection, ordinary tableted antibiotics can cope well.


Preparations of this group have practically no deficiencies of other antibiotics. They are very effective for bacterial angina, but many patients are not familiar with these medicines. Although one of them - "Lincomycin" - is an old, time-tested antibacterial agent.

But the drug "Clindamycin" is more popular among doctors. It quickly penetrates into tissues and effectively destroys bacteria. But it helps only with angina caused by beta-hemolytic streptococcus. This antibiotic can be found even under the names "Dalatsin" or "Klindachin." Take lincosamides should be given at a doctor prescribed doses four times a day, because they have a fast half-life.

Antibiotics of the macrolide group

In some cases, develops a phlegmous angina. This is a frequent complication of usual pharyngitis, which develops in children, weakened patients or those who did not follow the prescribed treatment regimen. In most cases, the most known antibiotics of the penicillin group, cephalosporins or lincosamides cope with such complications. But sometimes there is angina, resistant to these drugs. This is due to the fact that bacteria penetrate into the cells. And only macrolides have the ability to act through the cell membrane. These are strong enough antibiotics, so they are taken once a day.

But sometimes there is angina, resistant to these drugs. This is due to the fact that bacteria penetrate into the cells. A feature to act through the cell membrane has only macrolides. These are strong enough antibiotics, so they are taken once a day. The most famous of them are "Azithromycin" and "Clarithromycin".

How to properly treat a sore throat

First of all, do not engage in self-medication. It is especially dangerous to leave without medical care children, elderly weakened people and pregnant women. Usual sore throat in some cases can cause bacterial infection. And the patient becomes in this case dangerous to others.

That is why it is necessary to show the doctor that he has prescribed the necessary treatment. Usually at the very beginning of the disease, they are rinses, resorption tablets and sprays, analgesics and antipyretic drugs. If after a few days the temperature still keeps and the pain intensifies, antibacterial treatment should be performed. Therefore it is very important to visit a doctor if the throat hurts. Antibiotics what to apply in this case, can only be solved by a specialist.

If you have a sore throat and swallow painfully: what is it to cure

Often a person happens so that the throat hurts, painfully swallow - than to treat such a misfortune? After all, sore throat brings not only discomfort when swallowing, but, without timely treatment, can exacerbate, developing into complex chronic diseases, which then persecute the person all his a life.

Typically, the treatment is completely dependent on the underlying cause, which causes sore throat. There are several reasons for these, therefore it is very important to be able to identify them correctly, so that instead of treatment, one does not cause irreparable harm to one's health.

Causes of sore throat

The pain in the throat can manifest itself both by itself, and by swallowing or deep inspiration. In any case, it is necessary to sort out the reason for the beginning, and then start taking the treatment.Let's consider some of the most common causes of sore throat.

  1. Very often the cause is a foreign body. It does not matter whether it's big or small. As a rule, the foreign body causes swelling, spasm of the muscles of the larynx, and often even vomiting or nausea. Cases of death are frequent, when a foreign object completely blocks the breath. Therefore, if the foreign body is the cause of pain during swallowing, you should immediately seek help from a doctor.
  2. In people who have a high degree of sensitivity, even excessively dry air can cause sore throats. This applies to both indoor air and air in the street. Exacerbation occurs during the heating season, in the hot summer period, and even during a long stay in a smoky or dusty room. In the throat cavity microtraumas are formed, which are the causes of pain during swallowing.
  3. If a person does not have a temperature, but it is painful to swallow, the cause may be an allergic reaction. Along with this, the main symptom during allergy is also sneezing, perspiration in the throat, tearing, runny nose, skin rashes. In this case, too, you need to see a doctor or start taking special anti-allergic drugs. But first of all you need to eliminate the source of allergy.
  4. But the most common cause of sore throats during swallowing are viral infections. The period of exacerbation is cold and unstable weather. Usually, along with pain in the throat during swallowing, coughing, runny nose, fever. Often the temperature rises only after a few days, while the pain in the throat can make itself felt immediately.
Of course, the sore throat is not such a serious illness, and you can try to treat it yourself at home.

But it is still important to know some of the main symptoms, which must certainly alert and become an excuse to seek help from a highly qualified specialist.

These symptoms include an increase in lymph nodes, fever and fever, the formation of purulent plugs in the throat, severe pain in the ears and in the head, tachycardia.

If you find these signs are strictly prohibited to engage in self-medication.

Methods of treatment

All methods of treating pain in the throat can be conditionally divided into folk and traditional.

Both are effective enough if you do everything right. Consider first the folk remedies, and then the traditional pharmacy drugs.

Folk remedies

Very good for sore throats during the swallowing help healing gargles. There are several recipes that have the most powerful effect. Excellent helps freshly squeezed beet juice with the addition of a small amount of apple cider vinegar (about one tablespoon of vinegar per glass of juice). This rinse is recommended to do 3-4 times a day.

Enhanced antiseptic effect has decoctions of medicinal plants. For preparation, take 1 teaspoon of medicinal chamomile, lime, sage and marigold, pour it all in two cups of boiling water and let it brew under the closed lid for 15-20 minutes. When the broth cools and is slightly warm, you need to thoroughly rinse your throat. Repeat the procedure is desirable every 2 hours.

Often used for rinsing soda (1 teaspoon), diluted in a glass of warm boiled water. Another effective tool is the composition of 1 teaspoon of salt, half a spoonful of soda, 4-5 drops of iodine and a glass of boiled warm water. All should be carefully mixed and gargle every 2-3 hours.

With pain in the throat, it is very important to observe the drinking regimen. It is useful to drink at least a cup of strong black or green tea with a lemon, drink herbal teas with the addition of sage and medicinal chamomile. For the night should always drink a glass of warm milk with honey. But during the day you need as often as possible to drink vitamin drinks or juices with pulp. In no case should you drink cold liquids, as this can worsen the situation.

Excellent effect gives healing ointments for the throat. For these purposes, sea buckthorn oil and peach oil are well suited. You can effectively use and juice of aloe. To do this, take an old large leaf of the plant and cut into an udal, the juice obtained is processed by the throat. Such ointments can be used even when a person has a high temperature - they will not cause harm.

But thermal inhalation is best used if there is no temperature. To begin with, you need to steam up your legs, having wrapped your throat with a warm woolen scarf and wrapped yourself in a blanket. The mustard is added to the foot bath.

In parallel with this, you need to compress the throat from the drug chamomile. To do this, a tablespoon of chamomile is poured into a glass of boiling water, it is infused for 20 minutes, then it is dipped in the broth pure gauze, slightly wrung out and applied directly to the throat, after which the neck is again wrapped in a warm scarf.

It is also useful in woolen socks to fill in mustard powder, put them on and go to bed. If the mustard is very hard to burn, you need to stop the procedure. Such natural mustard seeds give a tremendous effect, if you do this at the very beginning of the disease.

Traditional methods

And now with regard to traditional means. As a rule, it is very important to consult a doctor in advance, as some drugs can be very strong and have a side effect. This is especially true for pregnant women and children under 12 years. These categories of people need to be especially careful about their health, so as not to do more harm.

Good antiseptics today are Miramistin, Chlorophyllitis, and Furatsillin. The first two products are made in the form of tablets, which must be resorbed. But furatsillin usually sold in powder or tablets, which need to be dissolved in a glass of water, and then this solution gargle.

Sprays are also produced, which are very convenient for watering the throat. The best of them are Geksoral, Cameton, Ingalipt. Especially convenient are such sprays for those people who are constantly on the road and do not have the opportunity to be treated with folk remedies.

Absolutely harmless are lollipops for absorption, which can be given even to children and pregnant women. Very popular are Septhote, Strepsils, Travissil, Tantum Verde. Some of them began to be produced in the form of a spray. In this case, it is better to use both forms of drugs to provide an integrated approach to treatment.

If the doctor has detected a bacterial infection in the throat, then it makes sense to take antibiotics. Sometimes this is also appropriate in cases where the throat is affected by a fungal infection. Along with their direct action, some antibiotics have antipyretic and analgesic effect, which is very important if a person has a high temperature for a long time, and a sore throat is simple unbearable.


So, above, the main causes of the pain in the throat and the main methods of its treatment were considered. It is necessary to clearly realize that any malaise has its own causes, and one should not take medication without understanding these causes. And, first of all, you need to deal with the source of pain, and then already treated according to the recommendations of your doctor.

What if it hurts to swallow and unbearably sore throat?


Vitaliy Norenko

Open your mouth and look (or mum let it look) if the tonsils are red and swollen - it's a sore throat. If the glands have white dots - it's purulent plugs.
Angina is associated with frequent colds, runny nose, chronic and acute tonsillitis and even caries. Therefore, start treatment for reasons. - We need to find a hotbed of infection and eliminate it. And with the help of additional procedures, promote faster recovery.
Usually, the presence of purulent congestion in the throat indicates an unpleasant putrefactive odor from the mouth. However, sometimes they can be seen with the naked eye.
1) In this case, wind your finger with several layers of gauze and, pressing, wipe each almond alternately. Usually after that a part of the stoppers starts to come out.
2) Rinse the gaps. To do this, rinse with warm soda
(or soda + salt + iodine) and immediately rinse the r-rum furatsilina.
10-20 minutes after this, do a washing of the tonsils with a streptocid solution.
This remedy has perfectly proven itself in the treatment of purulent angina and chronic tonsillitis. For its preparation, rub one streptocid tablet, and the resulting powder dilute in a glass of warm water. Also rinse them several times with a throat. Despite the bitter taste, do not drink or seize it until the bitterness in the mouth stops, give the medicine its effect. Usually washing with furacilin and irrigation with streptocid removes purulent plugs in the throat for 2-3 days. However, treat for at least 5-7 days. And except for these funds use inhalation, flushing needles or chamomile (has anti-inflammatory effect).
3) Warm drinking:
Drink as much liquid (tea with raspberries and mint or thyme) as possible - at least eight to ten glasses per day (helps remove toxins from the body).
4) Angina should be treated with antibiotics. But keep in mind that angina can cause and fungal flora and many varieties of staphylococci. It is very difficult to treat golden staphylococcus, which can be the causative agent of various inflammatory processes. Including tonsillitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and much more. To properly prescribe antibiotics, you need to see a doctor (LOR) and preferably give a smear to the tank. sowing - there they will immediately make a test for sensitivity to antibiotics and the doctor will prescribe exactly the one to which the pathogens of your sore throat are sensitive.
Good luck!

Natalia Khomenko

Warm drink (milk with butter and honey) and "Gramdiddin" with anesthetic, also gargle (can be "Miramistin"). And, of course, call a doctor.


The best milk is with honey and butter. I understand that not everyone loves him, but I have not found anything more effective. Just do not do it very hot - adored language will not add to your mood. How a little easier to talk normally could, call the ambulance. With a low temperature, they will not come to you, but they usually can give advice on what medicines should be taken.
I in such cases drink a sachet "Teraflyu wash down all this with warm milk and sleep for a couple of hours. Well, or just lying around with a book, but it's better to sleep.

DENIS kovalenko

A solution of chlorophyllite is more common for a couple of days and everything will be OK


Drink constantly, mug for a mug, warm tea with lemon.

Fenya Venikova

Rinse with salt, with soda. A teaspoon of salt for a glass of warm water, as well as soda (food)


Rinse every half-hourly solution, you can just green tea... in more often the doctor writes out an antibiotic an angina

The throat is very sore, it's painful to swallow and talk. Prompt than to treat, that more likely has passed or has taken place?



Do not get carried away with drugs!
If you have tea soda at work, rinse with warm solution!
And at home (only if there is no temperature) for the night - a compressor: vodka + honey !!
Drink warm milk + honey + sl. oil + tea soda !!!
Loves super good, tested for years !!!


Personally, I'm helped by Ingalipt.

Natalia Shmeleva

Go to Laura. Self-medication is harmful.

New day

Buy alcohol solution of chlorophyllipt. Half a cup of warm water a teaspoon. Tomorrow you will feel better, and in a couple of days you will be healthy.


At me at the moment too most) I drink antibiotics (tsiprolet), I plant and I rinse Iodinolum).

Yulka ********

root licorice syrup helps!

Elvina **********

In hot tea, add butter and 2 tablespoons of honey. For a couple of days the throat will pass. Checked by yourself)

Irina Lapshina

There is a pharmacy Spray Strepsils + suck Strappsils tablets. It can give ears, neck muscles, internal organs, and strepsils will dilate the vessels. You can partly achieve the result of 2 tablets immediately No-shpy or 5-pill Kapilara tablets. But this is less effective.

Ekaterina Volkova

my friend with a sore throat did not go to the doctor, drank mulled wine

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