What to drink if it hurts your throat

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What to do, it hurts my throat, it hurts to swallow


I'm back

A tablespoon of raspberry jam is mixed with a tablespoon of liquid honey, warm this mixture on fire, let it cool down a little, use it still hot! For reliability, wash down with warm milk with honey and butter dissolved in it, squirt the Hexoral, suck the candy! And lie down under a warm blanket! The next day forget that your throat hurts!
You can spoon a teaspoon of soda for a glass of warm water, drip a drop of iodine and rinse.
I also know yoga exercise: it helped my daughter very much,
It is called "TIGER"
Stand on your knees and on your hands, the back is parallel to the floor
Blow My Eyes
Stick your tongue as far as you can and swallow 20-30 times as much as you can, keep your tongue sticking out, uncomfortable, funny, my daughter and I got on our knees and who will pull out the tongue and eyes will bulge more, but it helps a lot fast.
Such an exercise should be done every 15 minutes for 2 hours! The temperature drops, so the blood rushes to the throat takes all the microbes and cleans the body, but only you need to drink tea with raspberry honey, etc. to quickly remove toxins.

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Get well!


Drink hot milk and butter and go to bed, tomorrow will be much better


Just do not swallow :)


The lion's pose is beyond competition !!

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Listen, it's very important to look into your throat if you have white spots there, it's an angina urgently to the doctor, but angina is terrible and can cause complications and big problems.

Natalya Sumarokova

drink a hot tea with honey and rinse with warm water and soda: a glass of water - a spoonful of soda

Zhenya Eugene :)

Pour a glass of warm water into a glass, stir a spoonful of tea and salt + a drop of yoda =)... and rinse throat, rinds every hour until it becomes easier, but first you can first put water + citric acid (shock dose) =)


at you an angina most likely, tablets sosi pharyngosept, eat a lemon with a peel and after that at least do not drink anything and do not eat (acid lemon kills microbes) and rinse soda throat, or even better at night vodka compress or vinegar. Get well! I hate angina!


it is necessary to drink hot, eat lemon, and suck a teaspoon of honey, and also put on the throat for the night, so that the throat is warm


If God forbid the tears of the inflamed tonsils (even when it hurts to swallow.) Do not eat honey, it can get worse!! I remember because I was sick with this for a long time, when I was still in the children's polyclinic, I remember something from what the doctor said. You can and should rinse your throat every half an hour hot (as much as you can tolerate) tincture of calendula, kutai throat, and then - run to the doctor, he should look into your throat and determine. If you mess with tonsils, you can run into an operation to remove them, so - run to the doctor, but I hope that you still not so launched, get well soon!)

Aqua Irina

I've been treating angina all my life. You need to remove the snacho, ozmi any sucking peppermint pills or candy, open your mouth wide and spread the glands of Lugol, do not eat or drink 30 min. and before bedtime, sprinkle with an anthracite. But tomorrow, a lot of ne, ai from the daisy, ai with malinoi.s lemon, drink indefinitely, for dinner you will feel relief. Angina does not like to drink, therefore will retreat. And the smear Lugolei's throat 2-3 times a day after eating.! Be healthy!

Elena Kiseleva

Sore throat is well removed (albeit temporarily) with topical preparations containing an antiseptic and anesthetic (anti-inflammatory and analgesic substances). These can be lollipops or spray Strepsils plus, dragee Falimint, Anti-angina troches. You can use local products containing lysozyme (antimicrobial substance) - Lizobakt, Kipatsid. Good and sprays - Geksoral, Tantum Verde. And more often gargle with solutions of soda, decoction of chamomile, sage.
With severe symptoms of general intoxication, as well as in the presence of rheumatopharyngeal diseases - please, see a doctor. He will examine you and prescribe a course of antimicrobial therapy.
Good luck and get well!

Lomakin Vasily

To me the ingalypt very much helps or assists. rinse your throat every half an hour with furacilin

Aalbert Sakov

Buy either Hecoral or strepsils plus with Lidocaine! Then take a steel spatula in the drugstore and move the bow of the tonsils. The tonsils are in the recesses between the anterior and posterior palatines, if there are Traffic white and, stinky, it's tonsillitis. To the doctor nor che for a long time does not help.. I know all about it.

Nadezhda P

First of all, go to the mirror, open your mouth and stick out your tongue. If you have a lot of specks on the tongue, it's a disease. It is called sore throat. If there's nothing left, then look at the tonsils. If they increased it's a cold. In a cold, there is a phenomenon that hurts the throat and painfully swallow. But there are several ways.
Brew tea and in tea, add a spoonful of strawberry jam and add a little plain water to the tea.
Brew tea and add there 2 slices of lemon and squeeze and then lower and pull out. And in the tea, add half a glass of water.
Brew tea and add there 4 teaspoons of sugar and dilute with water. Well, if it does not help, then go to the doctor or bring home.


You can gargle with "sea water". It is necessary to add 10 drops of iodine into the glass of water, tea
a spoonful of soda and salt. And gargle at least 5 times a day, at intervals before meals. But all the same it is desirable to consult a doctor for an otolaryngologist, so how can this sore throat, and this disease causes various complications. You can make an appointment at the website http://docdoc.ru/?pid=4089. It is better not to delay this

Vadim Dymov

Salt, soda and water ...

Plugina Lyudmila

Previously, too, rinsed my throat with soda. Then she moved to Tonsilotren. Tablets are more pleasant to taste and more effective. To the same after a few hours the pain in the throat passes. And for a few days and the inflammation itself. It always helps me.

Igor Petrov

To be treated :)


Medka with a varenec and a seagull is more naebashte, all zaebis in 1-2 days will be!

Sore throat. how to cure a throat at home


Owen Gefest

The throat foreshadows a cold. Soon, probably, the temperature will rise.
Something mint removes the symptoms.

In T

Consultation of the therapist, Lor's doctor. In cases of throat
* Begin rinsing with a solution of furacilin or calendula. This is a safe and effective medicine. But before this procedure it is better to rinse the throat with a solution of baking soda to remove excess mucus, then the effect of furacilin will intensify. To get even more effect, you can add a few drops of calendula tincture to the solution. Do not forget that the rinse solution should be warm and rinse your throat at least 4-5 times a day for 2-3 minutes. Thanks to this treatment, the pain in your throat will pass very quickly.
* Onions with apples and honey: grate an equal amount of onions and apples on a fine grater, mix with the same amount of honey. Take this medicine for 2-3 hours. spoons 2-3 times a day - and the pain in the throat will pass.
Cottage cheese compress. A small amount of pressed cottage cheese is wrapped in linen cloth and placed under the lower jaws. It is covered with a polyethylene film and a scarf or a cotton-gauze dressing. This compress is applied for the whole night, in the morning the cottage cheese should be firm. It is used in the most acute period.
To quickly cure the throat at home, you can resort to rinsings, inhalations, foot trays, rubbing. So, you can rinse the sore throat with broths and infusions of herbs: sage, chamomile, calendula, eucalyptus. Also for rinsing the sore throat is useful "sea water in 1 glass of warm water you need to dissolve 1 tablespoon of table salt, add 1 teaspoon of soda and a few drops of iodine.

Inhalations, in order to quickly cure the throat at home, are usually performed as follows: you need to slightly bend over the container with a decoction or infusion for inhalation and for a few minutes inhale the heated curative air, covered with a blanket or with a towel. If the house has a household inhaler, then you can also use it.

For inhalation, medicinal herbs are usually used: sage, eucalyptus, chamomile, calendula. In addition, for inhalations, you can boil potatoes, mash it and add a teaspoon of soda - above this mixture you need to breathe for 10 minutes. Hot steam warms up the throat well, and the bactericidal substances contained in it eliminate pathogenic microbes and promote a speedy recovery.

Foot baths help to quickly cure the throat, because on the feet there are many reflex points. For example, leg wells with mustard are good: in hot water, in which mustard powder is dissolved, you need to dip your feet and keep for about 10-15 minutes, pouring hot water as it cools. After the bath you need to wipe your feet dry, wear warm woolen socks. It is advisable to make foot baths before going to bed.

The intake of vitamins and fortifying agents helps to speed up the treatment of the sore throat, so if you need fast cure the throat, you should take vitamin preparations or products rich in vitamins: black currant, citrus, raspberries. Good health-improving, as well as immunostimulating effect is med. To treat the throat it is useful to drink tea with honey, warm milk with honey.

Quickly to cure a throat neither by means of rinsings, nor by means of other house means of treatment it will not be possible, if the reason of a pain and першения in a throat is not a cold, but other disease. Therefore, even if it seems that the sore throat is only a mild cold, do not neglect the doctor's advice, because In fact, the cause of sore throat can be a much more serious illness, for the treatment of which you will need powerful medicinal preparations.

Always remember that self-medication can be dangerous to health!

Werner Doc

Hot milk-1 cup, Honey any-1 teaspoon, Butter-1 teaspoon. Drink hot, before stirring well. And it is better to address to ENT-doctor. Good luck


there are no comments, therefore in the answer:
milk can be replaced with water. Helps in the same way, if not better. mnu in detvve treated
and right now I prefer Geksoral (aerosol or r-r for rinsing. The other day it was cured for 2-3 days by aerosol. and another time for 2 bottles will be enough)

Lyuda Dm ...

... yes, it's too bad - it hurts... we can just pershit, the tension in the throat... harbinger of ARD... if treated - 7 days, if not treated - one week... and everything will pass... :)))

\ but if it hurts and the tonsils are enlarged, and the white deposits on them - it's a sore throat... but her nada to treat... and call the doctor... \

Sergey Lavrov

It is better not to engage in self-medication (who knows what it can end), and make an appointment with a knowledgeable doctor. The benefit now is to make it simple, here's the link to the site https://docdoc.ru/doctor/lor_otolaringolog/?pid=5291 where you can choose a doctor you like, read reviews about his work, see addresses reception, well, leave a request for a record, after which you will be called back for confirmation, will take it all a few minutes. No queues and bureaucracy, everything is clean and transparent! Take care of your health!

Artem Gladyshev

Do not drink cold water)))

Sore throat in summer - what to do?

The throat can hurt not only in winter, but also in summer (and, of course, in other seasons also). But, nevertheless, if we experience unpleasant sensations in the summer period of time, then this for us is some strange phenomenon. After all, it is not cold in summer, there is no frost, there is a risk of overcooling and catching cold, too. What is the cause of sore throat in the summer and what should I do in this case?

Causes of pain

As a rule, we associate the summer with the warm season, heat, sea beach and rest. But it was not there. It is in summer that our ENT organs are most prone to sudden temperature changes.

We can spend half the day at work under the air conditioners, enjoying the cool, and then, going out for lunch, the sun does not spare us and properly covers with ultraviolet. After such overheating, we again return to the cold office and by the evening we feel an unpleasant sensation and even a sore throat.

So,the main cause of sore throat in the summer is a sharp temperature drop in the street (where it is usually very hot) and indoors (where air conditioners are installed).

In addition, in the summer we enter weakened after the winter and spring, in our body there are very few vitamins, supporting the work of internal organs, and we are a little - immediately fall ill (mostly, we catch a cold).

Immunity weakens constant stresses, chronic lack of sleep, depression. And if the immune envelope is weak, then bacteria, viruses, infections, which are more than enough in our unfavorable environment, are easily penetrated through it.

Exacerbation of chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract in the form of pharyngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis and laryngitis can also occur in the summer. After all, a chronic illness is one that constantly lives in the human body, but only here it wakes up under conditions that provoke it.

Keep in mind!

Inflammatory and even infectious processes of the upper respiratory tract are treated quite quickly and very effectively through drops, antibiotics and other medications. But, it is important to observe one condition - the timeliness of such treatment (otherwise, the disease can go into a chronic form).


At the first signs of perspiration and sore throat, it is recommended to resort to an old, proven tool - to rinse the saline solution with the addition of a small amount of soda. Also, anti-inflammatory effect is possessed by camomile, lime, sage, marigold, mint and eucalyptus leaves.

That the pain in a throat has passed or has taken place, to rinse or gargle it or him it is necessary often - from 4 to 6 times a day through equal time intervals (for example, through every 2 hours).

If the throat begins to "wheeze then try using inhalation with the addition of soda or Borjomi mineral water. Inhalation can be carried out with the help of improvised means, and using a nebulizer. In day it is desirable to do 2-3 inhalations and then the pain in the throat will pass in a couple of days.

Mild sore throat

If the pain in the throat is weak, tolerable, then the treatment can consist in the use of all known pastilles, sugar candies and sprays from the pain in the throat (we list them).

Lozenges and pills for sore throat:

  • Grammidine tablets are pleasant to taste, have an antibacterial effect, relieve inflammation, are a good antiseptic. It can be given to children with pain in the throat from 6 years. Tablets do not have contraindications for use during pregnancy. It is not recommended to use during breastfeeding.
  • Strepsils is a very famous and actively used drug for sore throat. Plates Strepsils need to dissolve and after a while you will feel how the pain in the throat passes. In addition, candies contain natural ingredients that destroy bacteria in the throat, ease the first symptoms of a cold.
  • Lizobakt - tablets for resorption with the active substance - lysozyme. The drug has a pronounced antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. It is allowed to apply from 3 years.
  • Pharyngocept is an analgesic and antibacterial tablet that needs to be absorbed to provide the desired effect. It is not recommended for pregnant women and children. To dissolve the pill is immediately after a meal and take a break for 3 hours (do not eat or drink).

When the pain does not pass ...

If you are treated with rinses, candies and tablets for 1-2 days and the pain does not go away, you should urgently consult a doctor. why? Because the cause of inflammation can be bacteria in the form of streptococci, which can not affect only the upper respiratory tract, but also other internal organs, in particular, cardiovascular system.

Negligent attitude of patients to their health leads to the fact that the usual pain in the throat turns into a serious inflammatory purulent process, the treatment of which is possible only surgical method.

What to drink and eat with pain

As a rule, in a hot time, we constantly want to drink and remove thirst with cold drinks. With a sore throat, you can not do this. Even cool water is forbidden. However disgusting, it is necessary during this period to switch to warm green teas with the addition of lemon, mint, honey.

If you really want to drink a chilled drink, then in this case as an alternative use rest in the shade, in the cool (but, by no means under the air conditioning).

So, with sore throat you need to drink a lot - a warm liquid with lemon, honey. Chamomile tea is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic for sore throat. It can be purchased already in ready-made bags in a pharmacy or brew 1 tsp. dry chamomile herbs in 200 ml of boiling water. With this tea, you can rinse your throat and drink it as a medicine.

Another version of a healthy drink - in warm water, dilute 1 tsp. honey and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it. This drink should be drunk warm - 200-300 ml at a time.

You should know!

With sore throat, you need to drink plenty of warm liquid. It is desirable as much as you can. Thus, you can achieve moisturizing the tissues of the upper respiratory tract, and quickly eliminate pain. Under warm drinks, coffee is not meant.

Throat warmth

A severe sore throat should make you wrap your throat and begin to warm it up. For this purpose both warm compresses on a throat, and a woolen scarf will approach. Compress can be done this way: brew 1 tbsp. Chamomile in boiling water and abundantly moisten a piece of cloth in the broth. Then, squeeze it and attach it to the sore throat. Compress change as it cools.

Vitamin C

In order to quickly get rid of the pain in the throat and also increase the immunity, you must start taking vitamin C (ascorbic acid). It is known that vitamin C promotes the strengthening of soft tissues, increases the resistance of immunity to bacteria, viruses, and infections. In a day you need to take twice the recommended dose of vitamin C - 120 mg.

We change toothbrushes

Did you know that your toothbrush can cause sore throat. If a person does not change the brush for more than 2-3 months, then bacteria quickly begin to accumulate on it, which when cleaning teeth penetrate the oral cavity and from there - into the upper respiratory tract and provoke the inflammatory process.

Doctors-stomatologists with the purpose of preventive maintenance of diseases of an oral cavity recommend to change a tooth-brush every month.


What pills to drink from a sore throat?

The pain in the throat brings a lot of discomfort, discomfort and causes unpleasant sensations. It is often accompanied by dryness, burning and perspiration, as well as soreness, which increases with swallowing. Treatment of sore throat with pills is indicated for acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, gingivitis, periodontitis or stomatitis.

Tablets are the most appropriate form of release of medications used to eliminate throat pathologies. It is not always possible to apply rinse solutions: in transport or in the office, this is simply not possible. Sprays also do not apply in public places. To ease the pain in the throat and remove the inflammation can be drinks - decoctions and teas, but to achieve the desired effect, they need to drink a lot, which is also not always possible. Tablets are considered more convenient to use and effective of all dosage forms. They can be carried everywhere with them, it is convenient to use even in public places and, most importantly, they treat the disease and eliminate the pain in the throat.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

Anti-inflammatory and antipyretic drugs relieve pain in the throat due to its weak analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. Paracetamol is prescribed for adults and children over 12 years of age, 1 tablet 4 times a day. Duration of treatment is from 3 to 5 days. "Paracetamol" is contraindicated in persons suffering from alcoholism, allergic reactions to the drug, expressed violations of the liver or kidney function, anemia. The preparations of this group also include Ibuprofen and Naproksen. They are taken in the same way and at the appropriate dosages.

Symptomatic therapy

Pastilles and lollipops from pain in the throat are more prolonged. They are evenly distributed over the mucosa of the mouth and throat during resorption. Pastilles have a symptomatic effect, which has a different degree of severity in different patients. Some people are good at helping, but others do not have a healing effect for a long time. Swallow these funds are not recommended, so they are contraindicated for children under 5 years. The most common tablets for resorption: "Septotelet "Faryngosept "Strepsils "Strepfen "Grammidine". Prescribe these drugs for adults and children over 12 years for 1 tablet no more than 5 times a day. The tablet should be resorbed after eating, moving it across the entire oral cavity.


The causative agent of bacterial sore throat, accompanied by pain in the throat, is usually streptococcus. Only antibiotic therapy can destroy this microorganism and save a person from infection. Take antibacterial drugs can only be prescribed by a doctor. The following groups of antibiotics treat the sore throat: "protected" aminopenicillins - "Flemoclav solute "Amoxiclav macrolides - "Azithromycin fluoroquinolones "Levofloxacin "Moxifloxacin". To properly select an antibiotic, it is necessary to undergo a microbiological examination of the separated layered shell of the oral cavity and the nasopharynx. This analysis allows to identify the causative agent of the disease and determine its sensitivity to the main groups of antimicrobial agents. Treatment of bacterial sore throat should be carried out with antibacterial drugs in an adequate dosage and adequate course.


Does the lemon help when the throat hurts?). When I have a sore throat I drink tea with a lemon, but does it make sense?)



Someone helps, some do not

lemon, which helps, grows in the south and it is removed by ripe
Those lemons that bring us - just an honest way to take money from the population... benefits in them, 006 Those substances that are healing, appear in the lemon 1-2 weeks before full ripening, and our - take off for a month, for transportation and delivery is so convenient

helps lyugol - to drip from a pipette, to dissolve neoanginum and pr

Yulya Semenova

I think, there is no special meaning. it is better to dilute the trichopolum pill in half a glass of water and rinse it in the morning and in the evening. for 2-3 days passes all.

Tatjana Zaika

Well, there's no point.. The acid burns the throat and stomach ...

Ekaterina Shishkina

When the throat hurts, it is better to have tea made from herbs with honey. A lemon is useful as a source of vitamin C, but it can irritate the throat due to acid

Yulia Li-Tutolmina

Better a tablespoon of lemon juice to drink. And so 5-8 times a day (if there is no allergy) Breaks the throat - the next day as the hand removes

Kitty Murochka

drink tea with a malinka, gargle with herbal decoctions (chamomile or calendula), lusciously.


In fact, with some types of throat disease, the lemon is contraindicated. Nato is treated with rinsing, not with tea.

Karina Arbenina

In general, if the throat hurts, then either the cold starts, or it is not cured! I advise you poprinimat kagocel - a rivotovirusnoe remedy for many colds, well immunity podnmyayet. You will raise immunity and the body will quickly cope with the boyalko and will be cured. Throat rinse in a decoction of chamomile, at night drink warm milk with honey.


There is also sense. And good.
Why does my throat hurt? Yes, the fact that the soft tissue of the throat is attacked by hostile microorganisms: microbes, viruses, bacteria. Therefore, in diseases of the throat, you need: 1) drink more (viruses and microbes are washed into the stomach, where they no longer survive due to an aggressive environment. 2) gargle (the proliferating microorganisms are also washed off with a rinse liquid and removed from the mouth). organism) 3) Use lemons and fruit drinks (harmful viruses can not reproduce in an acidic environment, well, they do not like it sour!).


And I know that with a sore throat is not recommended. Because if the throat is red and sore, but citric acid only irritates it even more. With such success, you can eat a couple of lemon ascorbic.


Drink tea from sage with honey, but not hot. And then rinse with propolis tincture: a teaspoon of warm water a teaspoon of tincture. A campaign to the doctor has not been canceled yet)

Yuri B

Do not listen to anyone who offers you to kill your immunity with pills
the sore throat can be distinguished by sticking out a tongue, really helps,

but I have to do it for a long time, I started to get sick again in a long way, so it's been over six hours

do this exercise at least a minute every day and problems with the throat will no longer be
otherwise, so all your life and be on wheels to sit

Nastya Litunovskaya

It is possible to drink in the evening


Those who say - that you need to drink tea with honey, you people are crazy?
Today was at the doctor, she has told or said at all with honey or with propolis to drink it is impossible!
You can drink tea from herbs of raspberry, linden. And also with a lemon (Not with lemon acid but lemon!).

oleg sidorkin

medicinal properties of bianshi

When the throat hurts, whether it is possible to drink cold or only will be worse ???


♍Galina Zhigunova♍

This is undesirable, because you will get a second wave of illness. Here you will drink something cold without a sore throat, and after that it starts to hurt necessarily. In general, it is very dangerous to eat cold and drink, it can be a turn of the intestines.

Safarov Denis

It is not advisable to drink cold hot tea with sugar and milk with honey is hotter


Sometimes you can!!!

Kira Rosa

can not


In general, the throat is treated with hot milk with a little draining. oils

Tatyana Silantieva

Better icicle or ice cream! People's way - checked!
Only acts only when you are NOT allowed, and you DO NOT obey.
In general, the throat hurts when a person was for a long time forced (or he forced himself) to do something. He had a (psychologically) feeling that he was an "empty place" for someone, that his opinion was of no interest to anyone and did not care, and so on.
In general, with a sore throat - YES HONORABLE DISTINCT! And all at once will pass!
Good luck!
And even (for the future), think who is there beside you such a "sweet" comes on THROAT of your "life song so that it, the poor, got sick. Maybe this person should move a little to the side?
Hint: if it hurts on the left - it's a man, if on the right - a woman.
Good luck and get well.

Renata Fedorovyh-Vetchinov

hot too it is impossible-POWERFUL HEAT DRINK

Kristina Markelova

What kind of questions are silly?
Certainly not in any way, do not drink cold, keep your foot warm to keep your throat from blowing
room temperature drink water, why cold to you

Alla Borisova

It is necessary to drink warm. Read here:
[link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]
(signs = remove, and then the link is not allowed to insert)
[link is blocked by the decision of the project administration]

Olga Luchsheva

You can not, drink tea with lemon hot)

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