Therapeutic properties and contra-indications of seasonings and oils of oregano

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To the family of the Jasnotkovs there is a plant with an exotic name of oregano.

An adult shrub is littered with oval leaves and white or slightly pink flowers.

Favorite places of oregano are open spaces, European hills, Russian fields, and also the slopes of the mountains of the countries of the Mediterranean region.

Contents of the article:
  • General information
  • Useful properties
  • Anti-parasite
  • Healing oil
  • To whom and why can not

General information

To the hostess, oregano is familiar, first of all, as a spice used in cooking.

Dried and chopped herbs( useful properties of basil violet) are added to sauces, dishes from vegetables and meat to enhance taste and give a distinctive flavor.

In Italy, oregano is an honorable place in every kitchen, without it it is unthinkable to prepare pizza and Italian pasta.

Even in sausages, this spice is invariably present.

Belgians and Frenchmen prefer to fill oregano with mushroom dishes( about the useful properties of the veshenki is written here), soups, sprinkle them with buns and another baking.

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Marinated vegetables, flavored with oregano, our foreign neighbors differ on cheers. An interesting aroma is acquired by drinks: wine, kvass( from acacia flowers), if in the process of cooking add spice to them.

By the way, oregano can prolong the shelf life of alcohol. In our country, the plant is gaining more and more fans every year, and it is not surprising, because the dish, filled with it, becomes more tasty.

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Specific taste, some bitterness, which is present in it, do not allow using spice in large quantities:

  • will suffice and a small pinch in the dish.

Cooks use not only dry and ground, but also fresh leaves. If the plant is frozen, it will remain fresh and will not lose its flavor and aromatic qualities.

Well adjoins oregano with:

  • black, red and cayenne( read about it in this article) with pepper,
  • is combined with basil leaves,
  • peppermint( benefit and harm),
  • is in harmony with odorous rosemary( the healing properties are described on this page), if they are contained in the same dish.

The main thing - do not overdo it with spices!

Refer to the plant and in those cases where you want to improve your health.

From it they prepare useful infusions, teas, compresses.

Grass soothes, so it is stirred in the water when filling the bath.

In cosmetic stores today, a sea of ​​perfumes, lotions, shampoos, toothpastes, which contain oregano.

Useful properties

Calling Oregano a medicine is not an exaggeration. Its usefulness as a remedy is its ability to tighten wounds.

In the inflorescences and leaves of oregano there are a lot of tannins and essential oils, it contains thymol. All this gives the plant properties to fight against the multiplication of bacteria, microbes and the action of histamines.

Tannins help the body recover after poisoning with rotten products and avoid unpleasant consequences, do not give harmful bacteria that were kept in spoiled food and got along with it in the stomach, opportunities to grow.

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If you use a decoction of oregano , you can overcome diarrhea, flatulence, accompanying poisoning. However, here there are pitfalls:

  • because oregano is an odorous herb, then when added to a dish, it shades an unpleasant rotten smell.

Ability to relieve spasms and alleviate pain - another merit of oregano. With the help of this herb it is not difficult to give a fight to the discomfort in the back caused by rheumatism, to overcome attacks of sciatica.

For this, Oregano oil is used to rub the back. To overcome the toothache, it is enough to attach a wadded disk impregnated with oil to the tooth.

If there are problems with sleeping, nervous excitement, overwork, spice will do just fine. Just something and you need to add it to the dish.

Earlier, oregano was used to rid the patient of attacks of convulsive syndrome and hysteria.

Today it can be used for insomnia, hyperactivity, when it comes to children, but to treat severe depression or neurosis is still better with the advice of a doctor.

Girls and women of oregano, in the form of a decoction, helps to cope with pain and mood swings during menstruation.

Traditional medicine advises to take infusion of this herb for preventive purposes, in order to avoid inflammation of the urogenital system.

In the period of breastfeeding, individual mothers are experiencing problems with tidal milk. In some, it is already a couple of months after the birth of the child begins to gradually decrease.

This can be prevented, again, thanks to the use of broths from oregano. The use of the plant is obvious for women who are on the threshold of menopause or have already encountered it:

  • with the help of a drink they can relieve their condition, since oregano eliminates hormonal disorders.

Perhaps even delay the menopause for a while, activating the work of the ovaries.

Weakened organs of the gastrointestinal tract become stronger, digestion improves, the tone of the smooth musculature of the intestine grows, the symptoms of cholecystitis disappear, all due to the laxative effect of oregano.

People with low immunity , often with colds, the plant will help strengthen the body, teach him to resist the flu.

In Oregano there are a lot of vitamins:

  • of ascorbic acid,
  • of retinol,
  • of vitamins K, E and group B.

The composition of the spice is rich and various macro- and microelements:

  • manganese,
  • zinc,
  • magnesium,
  • sodium,
  • calcium and other.

Receiving warm broths from oregano during cold reduces cough, not excluding running.

Asthmatics are more likely to suffer seizures, and patients diagnosed with tuberculosis feel better.

The reason for this is in the expectorant action of the remedy.

If it becomes difficult to breathe , it is recommended to clean the nasal cavity using a decoction of oregano. Flushing can relieve the symptoms:

  • of sinusitis,
  • tonsillitis,
  • of pharyngitis, and it concerns their chronic forms.

Positive effect of the plant and the state of the sore throat, which is why it is advised to use it for rinsing.

Oregano effectively fights against:

  • eczema,
  • acne,
  • fungus.

In this case, make a compress from the leaves of the grass and apply it to the affected area. The herb also cures with herpes.

It is interesting, but even burns and frostbite are faster, if you apply to them lotions soaked in a decoction of oregano.

People suffering from excessive sweating, the plant will help to solve the problem.

And patients with the syndrome of oppression, which is caused by alcoholism, having taken a decoction of oregano, feel that they are better and the mood has improved.

The benefits of the spice lies in the ability of its to prevent heart disease and favorably affect the health of cancer patients.

Counteraction to parasites

It was believed that oregano can prevent the multiplication of various parasites and harmful microbes.

Not long ago this opinion was confirmed.

It turns out that the plant contains carvacrol substance, one of the properties of which is to destroy parasites.

The latter represent a significant threat to the health of residents of the southern continents.

It was these people who discovered the above mentioned property of oregano and began to use the herb in cooking.

If this did not happen, it is possible that the southern people would simply die out with time.

As for worms, for example, lamblia, which are very much like living in the intestines and gall bladder of a person, they do not tolerate oregano because of the presence of active substances in it.

Even staphylococcus aureus can not resist the plant, and after all with it they unsuccessfully try to fight by other methods.

Studies have shown that oregano is much more effective than 18 other antimicrobials in its effectiveness.

Healing oil

Of all the medicines created on the basis of oregano, the most vivid antifungal and antimicrobial properties are in oils.

This is a wonderful antiseptic , and therefore, it is able to relieve even of a chronic wart, not to mention acne and acne.

The use of oil can forever forget about the fungus of nails, cure an open wound, stop the inflammation and prevent blood infection.

Oregano oil, when ingested, cope with:

  • with any digestive disorders,
  • eliminates urinary tract infections,
  • normalizes digestion and the process of gastric juice secretion.

The metabolism is significantly accelerated, and the full person is gradually losing weight.

An aromatic lamp with oregano oil poured into it can clean and refresh the air in a room where there is a sick person, and prevent influenza viruses and similar diseases from spreading to surrounding people.

Very good, if in your pocket there will always be a handkerchief slightly moistened in oregano oil:

  • should be breathed from time to time, and then ARVI diseases will pass faster.

The tool actively promotes the removal of joint pain .For this, a couple of drops of oregano are added to the usual ointment or oil for massage and rub the sore spots.

Massage with oregano is useful not only for rheumatism, but also for the purpose of eliminating cellulite. And sleeps after a similar procedure is just great!

Warning! Oregano oil should be mixed with other oils, such as vegetable, burdock, sesame. Independently, in treatment, it does not apply.

To whom and why it is impossible

It is said much about the benefits of oregano. But the plant does not always bring only one benefit. Sometimes, use can lead to dire consequences.

Among those to whom oregano is contraindicated, patients with severe heart and vascular disease, gastrointestinal tract( ulcer).

It is quite risky to use oregano and people suffering from kidney and liver diseases.

Spice is not always compatible with certain types of medicines.

Contraindications also apply to cases of individual spice intolerance. Therefore, it is necessary to include oregano in the diet only with the permission of the doctor.

In wonderful months of waiting for a child, oregano should not be used.

The fact is that the substances contained in this plant can adversely affect pregnancy - use can cause contraction of the uterus, and the fruit will be rejected, which will lead to miscarriage.

The danger of using a plant is great for men.

Since oregano soothes, it can adversely affect potency by reducing sexual desire.

If a man ignores the recommendation and continues to use oregano in the form of tinctures and broths, there will be a threat of erectile dysfunction, or, simply put, impotence.

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