How to take Acyclovir tablets: instructions for use

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Acyclovir belongs to antiviral drugs and is inherently an artificially produced analogue of the purine nucleoside.

Due to this, this drug is able to suppress the synthesis of genomes of certain viruses, for example herpes causative agents, chicken pox and shingles. Interaction with the virus is carried out directly in the cell affected by this pathogen. The effectiveness of therapy is greatly increased when it begins as early as possible.

On this page you will find all information about Acyclovir: the full instructions for use for this medication, average prices in pharmacies, complete and incomplete analogs of the drug, as well as reviews of people who have already used aciclovir tablets. Want to leave your opinion? Please write in the comments.

Clinical and pharmacological group

Antiviral drug.

Conditions of leave from pharmacies

Available without a prescription.

Price list

How much does Acyclovir in the form of tablets? The average price in pharmacies is at the level of35 rubles.

Form of issue and composition

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The main active ingredient in the tablets is Acyclovir, which is a white crystallized powder with a dosage of 200, 400, 800 mg. Additional substances that are used to give the medicine the necessary technological qualities, to ensure the accuracy of dosage and strength:

  • lactose or milk sugar - diluent;
  • starch - baking powder;
  • aerosil - antifriction (anti-slip) substance;
  • polyvinylpyrrolidone-binding ingredient;
  • calcium stearic acid - lubricant to simplify the swallowing process.

Pharmacological effect

The active component of Acyclovir has antiviral and immunostimulating effects, effectively affecting the Epstein-Barr viruses, Varicella zoster, Herpes simplex types 1, 2 and cytomegalovirus.

  • The mechanism of action of the drug is based on the formation of a "defective" viral DNA, which causes a blockage in the reproduction of the virus.

With the herpes virus, Acyclovir, according to the instructions, stops the formation of elements of the rash with simultaneous acceleration of the formation of crusts. In addition, the intensity of pain in the acute phase of herpes zoster, the likelihood of visceral complications and cutaneous dissemination decreases.

Indications for use

For systemic use (oral):

  1. Prevention of cytomegalovirus infection after bone marrow transplantation.
  2. As part of complex treatment with severe immunodeficiency (including in the clinical picture of HIV infection) and in patients who underwent bone marrow transplantation.
  3. Infections provoked by the viruses Varicella zoster and Herpes simplex types 1 and 2.
  4. Prevention of infections caused by the viruses Varicella zoster and Herpes simplex (including in patients with weakened immune system).

For external use: infectious lesions of the skin, provoked by the viruses Varicella zoster and Herpes simplex.

Cm. also: how to treat herpes on the lips for 1 day at home.


The drug based on acyclovir is not assigned to patients with an individual hypersensitivity to the main active ingredient and people suffering from kidney failure.

Application in pregnancy and lactation

The effect of using the drug in pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been adequately studied, but the results Studies show that it is able to penetrate the placental barrier and into breast milk. Therefore, it can only be used for the purpose of a specialist in cases where the expected benefit to the mother's health exceeds the possible risk for the child. In case of treatment of herpes in pregnant women, a doctor's consultation is absolutely necessary!

Acyclovir passes through the placenta. Women taking acyclovir in tablets in the first trimester of pregnancy did not have an increase in the number of vices in children compared to the general population. But at the moment insufficient number of women has been examined. Therefore, the attending physician prescribes this drug when the benefit to the mother exceeds the risk to the fetus.

Instructions for use

The instructions for use indicate that Acyclovir tablets are taken during or immediately after a meal and drink plenty of water. The dosage regimen is set individually, depending on the severity of the disease.

Treatment of infections caused by the Varicella zoster virus (chicken pox):

  • Adults. Assign 800 mg 5 times / day every 4 hours in the afternoon and with an 8-hour interval at night. Duration of treatment 7-10 days.
  • Children. Assign 20 mg / kg 4 times / day for 5 days (the maximum single dose of 800 mg), children from 3 to 6 years: 400 mg 4 times / day, over 6 years: 800 mg 4 times / day within 5 days. Treatment should be started when the earliest signs or symptoms of chicken pox appear.

Treatment of infections of the skin and mucous membranes caused by Herpes simplex 1 and 2 types:

  • Adults. Acyclovir is prescribed at 200 mg 5 times a day for 5 days with a 4-hour interval during the day and with an 8-hour interval overnight. In more severe cases of the disease, the course of treatment can be extended to the doctor's prescription up to 10 days. As part of complex therapy for severe immunodeficiency, incl. with a developed clinical picture of HIV infection, including early clinical manifestations HIV infection and the stage of AIDS; after bone marrow transplantation or when there is a violation of absorption from the intestine, 400 mg 5 times a day are prescribed.
  • Treatment should be started as soon as possible after the onset of infection; at relapse, acyclovir is prescribed in the prodromal period or when the first elements of the rash manifest.

Prevention of recurrences of infections caused by Herpes simplex 1 and 2 types inpatients with immunodeficiency:

  • The recommended dose is 200 mg 4 times / day (every 6 hours). In case of severe immunodeficiency (for example, after bone marrow transplantation) or if absorption is violated from the intestine, the dose is increased to 400 mg 5 times a day. The duration of the preventive course of therapy is determined by the duration of the infection risk period.

Prevention of recurrence of infections caused by Herpes simplex 1 and 2 types in patients with normal immune status:

  • The recommended dose is 200 mg 4 times / day (every 6 hours) or 400 mg 2 times / day (every 12 hours). In some cases, lower doses are effective - 200 mg 3 times / day (every 8 hours) or 2 times / day (every 12 hours).

Treatment of infections caused by the Herpes zoster virus (shingles):

  • Assign 800 mg 4 times / day every 6 hours for 5 days. Children over the age of 3 years of age are prescribed the drug at the same dose as adults.

Treatment and prevention of infections caused by Herpessimplex 1 and 2 types:

  • Children from 3 years to 6 years - 400 mg times / day; over 6 years - 800 mg 4 times / day. A more accurate dose is determined from the calculation of 20 mg / kg body weight, but not more than 800 mg times / day. The course of treatment is 5 days. Data on the prevention of recurrence of infections caused by the herpes simplex virus and the treatment of herpes zoster in children with normal immunity parameters are absent.
  • For the treatment of children older than 3 years, 800 mg of acyclovir is prescribed 4 times / day every 6 hours (as for the treatment of adults with immunodeficiency).

In the elderly, there is a decrease in clearance of acyclovir in the body in parallel with a decrease in the clearance of creatinine. taking large doses of the drug inside, should receive a sufficient amount of liquid. In case of renal insufficiency, it is necessary to solve the problem of reducing the dose of the drug.

Side effects

The antiviral drug is tolerated without any problems by the overwhelming majority of patients. Contraindication to the use of Acyclovir is the individual hypersensitivity of the patient's body to the active substance.

In some cases (very rarely), the following side effects are noted:

  • intestinal disorders;
  • dyspnea;
  • allergic reactions;
  • headache;
  • nausea;
  • stomach ache.

Against the background of prolonged use of ophthalmic ointment, inflammation of the conjunctiva (conjunctivitis) and eyelids (blepharitis) can not be ruled out.


Possible with parenteral and internal administration of medicinal forms and accidental ingestion of cream and ointment. Symptoms: neurological disorders, headache, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, kidney dysfunction, convulsions, coma. Treatment stationary.

special instructions

  1. Conducting multiple courses of treatment in patients with immunodeficiency can cause the formation of virus resistance to the active component.
  2. In the period of Acyclovir-Acri, the patient should drink a sufficient amount of fluid to provide the body with a regime of increased hydration. Careful monitoring of renal function, blood urea level and plasma creatinine is required.
  3. During the treatment period, care should be taken when performing potentially hazardous activities, including management of transport means and mechanisms, since there is a risk of developing unwanted phenomena from the nervous system.

Drug Interactions

At present, there is no data on the clinically significant antagonism of Acyclovir with other drugs. The therapeutic effect is enhanced by a parallel intake with drugs that stimulate immunity.

Probenecid is able to slow the process of removing the antiviral agent from the body.

To prevent functional impairment of the kidneys, it is not recommended to take Acyclovir together with drugs that have nephrotoxic properties.


We picked up some feedback from people about the drug Acyclovir:

  1. Larissa. With the herpes virus, I did not encounter until my one and a half year old child was diagnosed with "herpes sore throat". The doctor prescribed Acyclovir on a quarter tablet three times a day. The high temperature, which lasted two days, fell 12 hours after the beginning of the reception, and the child quickly recovered. Thanks to Acyclovir!
  2. Basil. I often use Acyclovir for colds on the lips. If you start applying ointment at the first signs of herpes, it usually works well. In any case, if there are bubbles, then a little and not for long. Most often I buy a German drug Acyclovir-Hexal. In the pharmacy they say that he is one of the best, and the price is quite acceptable. Several times I could not start the treatment in time: there was no ointment at hand, I just did not have time. I want to say that in such cases the efficiency was much lower. The rash was really much more, and this rigmarred for more than a week, although I regularly smeared five times a day. So it is checked up on itself: if to be treated in time, this agent not bad helps or assists, but it is necessary to be late, and efficiency in doubt.
  3. Lily. Herpes in my body since childhood. I tried a lot of ointments and pills for treatment. She stopped at Acyclovir. The price is a penny, and by efficiency surpasses even some of the more expensive analogs. Periodically I drink a course for prophylaxis and rash on the skin now appear very, very rarely.
  4. Elena. The drug "Acyclovir" is a cheap and effective remedy that does not allow a small herpes to develop into a huge sore. But from my own experience I can say that it needs to be used in the initial stages, as soon as the herpes makes itself felt with itching and burning, so I always carry these magic pills with me.
  5. Gleb. I decided to write a review about the tablets Atsiklovir. I have no herpes, and was not, but last fall I contracted chickenpox from my son. The disease suffered very hard, was afraid of complications. The doctor advised these pills, and they literally on the first day of treatment saved me from terrible itching. We had to lie still 3 weeks, but at least without scabies.
  6. Nina. I love this medicine. The price is budgetary. Helps cool. I believe that in all people all colds descend down on the genitals. Acyclovir is driving everything from top to bottom. In addition, I'll tell you a little secret, these pills at the first symptoms of cold help not to infect others. Therefore, they are always in my cosmetic bag during the cold season.
  7. Elizabeth. In the evening I noticed herpes on my lips. To be treated it is necessary, and to the doctor to go somehow not hunting: in the street slush and a snow. She began to remember what the doctor prescribed a year ago with a similar ailment. Acyclovir, cycloferon and zovirax. This morning I ran to the pharmacy for the whole set. Immediately began to take everything according to the instructions, but... After the first intake, 2.5-3 hours of headache began to hurt. Sinner for a long stay behind the laptop. After some short time (10-15 minutes) the pain became more and more impossible. I tried to lie down - it's impossible. Nauseous. After that, I was completely rinsed for half an hour. Hardly as she lay down to sleep for 2 hours. But one way or another the head splits terribly. Esteemed, that from all preparations of a pimping such can have only atsiklovir. I think we should go to the pharmacy and change the drug ...


The analogs of Acyclovir in the active component are:

  • External remedies (cream or ointment): Acyclovist, Gervirax, Zovirax, Virolex, Vivorax, Herpetad, Herperax;
  • Tablets or powder for the preparation of a solution for infusions: Vivorax, Medovir, Virolex, Provirsan.

Before using analogues, consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

The drug should be stored in a place protected from children at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees, avoiding direct sunlight on the packaging.

Shelf life of the tablets is 2 years from the date of manufacture, which is indicated on the package. After this period, tablets should not be taken orally.

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