Effective treatment of joints with folk remedies at home

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Statistics of the incidence of diseases associated with joints, is increasing every year. This factor is caused not only by the influence of the environment, but also by the way people live.

Incorrect nutrition and lack of motor activity are among the most common causes of many diseases, including the musculoskeletal system.

Diseases of the joints are serious abnormalities in the body that can lead to cardinal changes in human life and disability. They must be treated in the early stages and try to prevent symptoms with the slightest suspicion.

Contents of the article:
  • Possible causes
  • Characteristic symptoms
  • General recommendations
  • How to treat folk remedies?
  • What is not recommended?
  • Prevention measures

Possible causes

Damage to the joint tissues is the main cause of serious diseases. The development of the disease can occur not only under the influence of obvious factors( advanced age, trauma, infection), but also as a result of certain lifestyle characteristics.

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For example, frequent hypothermia negatively affects the musculoskeletal system and all its constituent parts. Cold can cause blood circulation disorders and lead to destruction of articular tissues.

  • mechanical factor ( excessive load on the joints or regular injury, shocks, dislocations, sprains);
  • genetic predisposition ( some joint diseases can be inherited);
  • advanced age ( the aging of the body is accompanied by the wear of the joints and the appearance of diseases associated with the musculoskeletal system);
  • concomitant diseases ( circulatory system disorders, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, presence of diseases associated with the endocrine system);
  • allergic reactions of the body ( some allergies are accompanied by complications that negatively affect the musculoskeletal system and lead to the destruction of bone tissues);
  • degenerative cartilage changes;
  • salt deposition of in the body and increase in toxin level ;
  • congenital pathology ( complications during pregnancy or childbirth);
  • infectious diseases , violating immunity and accompanied by disability of the musculoskeletal system);
  • tumor diseases ( myeloma, bone metastases);
  • change in the level of hormones ( may occur as a result of prolonged or excessive intake of medications).

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Symptoms of

Despite the variety of joint diseases, all diseases develop on a single principle. Patients often ignore the first symptoms.

Most of the symptoms resemble normal fatigue after exercise. If the pain and attendant symptoms become regular, then you should check your health with special medical examinations.

Symptoms of joint diseases are:

  • short-term pain in the joints( after exercise, at night or in the morning);
  • regular pulling pains in the joints regardless of time of day or perfect physical activity;
  • sharp or traumatic pain in the knees( sudden or regular painful sensations);
  • movement difficulties( feeling of joint stiffness, slight lameness);
  • swelling, redness of the skin, increased temperature in the area of ​​certain parts of the skin;
  • limitation of the amplitude of movements( pain when flexing or flexing the joint);
  • appearance of "crunching" in the joints during movement or performing other physical exertion;
  • formation of hard joints on the joints( usually well seen in the phalanges).

General recommendations

Diseases of the joints are treated in three ways: conservative, surgical and alternative. It is not the patient, but the doctor, who should choose which method to use.

Some diseases do not respond to treatment( especially at advanced stages) and specialists use surgery to fully or partially return the patient's health.

Recipes of traditional medicine are not a separate way of treating diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They can only be used as a supplement to the main course or as a preventive measure.

When suspected of joint disease or confirmation of a diagnosis, it is recommended:

  • seek help from a specialist;
  • undergo a course of examination;
  • to implement preventive measures( eliminate the causes of joint diseases, change diet and lifestyle);
  • to strengthen immunity with the help of folk medicine or vitamin complexes.

Traditional treatment of diseases and pain in joints

Methods of traditional medicine have a complex effect on the body. Ingredients included in recipes for decoctions, tinctures and home-made ointments are antiseptic, antibacterial, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

Negative effects after using folk remedies may occur if the ingredients are dosed incorrectly, over-used or have an individual intolerance.

Examples of folk remedies against joint diseases:

  • tincture from bay leaves ( about 25 leaves of bay leaf should be crushed and poured with two glasses of boiling water, after three to four hours of insisting the preparation is ready for use, drink the broth for three days in half a glass severalonce a day);
  • decoction from the root of the sunflower ( 100 g of sunflower root should be crushed and cooked for 10 minutes, 100 g of the ingredient will need 1 liter of water, after cooking the broth should be filtered, it is recommended to use it several times a day for three months);
  • homemade ointment from the golden mustache ( for preparation of the product it is necessary to mix in equal quantities the juice of the leaves of the golden mustache and any cream that turns out the ointment rubs the areas in which the pain is felt several times a day);
  • pack of honey and aloe ( 100 g of honey, 50 g of aloe vera juice and 150 g of vodka should be mixed in one container, then gauze or cloth is wetted in the solution, the product is applied to the diseased area and if necessary fixed with a bandage, it is recommended to make such compresses onnight).About the use of aloe with honey in folk medicine you can read in this article.;
  • pine oil for grinding ( pine cones should be poured with any vegetable oil and put in the oven, heated to the minimum temperature, after reddening oil, it must be cooled and used as a cream, it can be applied several times a day);
  • rubbing agent ( 500 ml of vodka, 100 g of egg white, 50 g of camphor and mustard must be mixed in one container, the mixture rubs places where pain occurs, the product can be applied several times a day).

What is not recommended?

Each joint disease has its own characteristics. The key role is played by the degree of the development of the disease, the place of the focus, the age of the patient, the concomitant diseases. Treatment is recommended only after examination.

For example, in most cases, the cause of diseases of the joint tissues is the lack of physical activity, but with arthrosis, sports are contraindications.

  • supercool the body of ( hypothermia is one of the main causes of joint illness and exacerbation of their symptoms);
  • dramatically change the way of life and increase the physical activity of ( it is necessary to understand the difference between medical gymnastics and activities in the gym);
  • engage in self-medication of ( preparations, procedures and other methods of treatment are appointed by a specialist, the use of alternative medicine methods is also coordinated with the attending physician);
  • uncontrolled use of medicines ( if the medicines do not have the necessary effect, then it is necessary to immediately call the medical institution);
  • use massagers and methods involving the heating of ( heat and vibration in the presence of certain joint diseases are contraindications).

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Prevention measures

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the main factors leading to the development of joint diseases. Reduced motor activity may result from the presence of excess weight, the characteristics of work or lifestyle.

If pain occurs in the joint tissues, you must pay attention to your health and make the appropriate changes. If you have extra weight, then you need to get rid of it. When sedentary work is recommended to make more walks on foot or go in for sports.

Measures for the prevention of joint diseases are:

  • active lifestyle ( lack of sufficient mobility leads to disruption of the integrity of the joint tissues);
  • proves that people regularly engaged in swimming, cycling or yoga, are practically not prone to joint diseases;
  • in the diet should regularly be present useful ingredients ( fish, meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables);
  • to control the level of calcium in the body ( with a lack of appropriate drugs);
  • removal of the primary focus of ( if there are diseases that can have disabilities of the locomotor system, then they should be treated fully).
To prevent joint diseases, it is important to pay attention not only to your health or the immune system, but also to exclude some minor, at first glance, factors. To diseases of articular tissues can lead even a wrong posture.

If a person has stooping, a feeling of stiffness after awakening at an uncomfortable position of the body or completely lacking control of the spine, these nuances can also become the cause of arthrosis, arthritis and other diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

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