Pilates gymnastics for the back

Content 1The best exercises of pilates for the back and spine 1.1A set of Pilates exercises for the back and spine 1.2Pilates exercises for neck and cervical osteochondrosis 1.3A set of Pilates exercises for the waist 1.4Whether it is possible to be engaged in pilates at a hernia of a backbone? 1.5A set of Pilates exercises with a hernia of the spine 2Pilates exercises for the back - 10+ techniques [2018] 2.1What is Pilates? 2.2The system is based on five central principles: 2....

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Belt warming for the waist

Content 1Warming belt for the waist 1.1What is the function of the bandage? 1.2Who needs a lumbar corset 1.3Contraindications 1.4How to choose the right belt? 1.5Warming belt 1.6Orthopedic belt 1.7Elasticated belt 1.8How to wear 2Which is better warming waist belt: camel or dog? 2.1Is there really any benefit? 2.2Should I trust advertising? 2.3Why does it help? 2.4Product variants 2.5Article No. 1 2.6Article No. 2 3Belt for the lumbar region of the back with osteochond...

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Ewing sarcoma: symptoms of a tumor in children, treatment

Content 1Ewing's sarcoma in children: prognosis, stages, symptoms and treatment 1.1Kinds 1.2Causes 1.3Symptoms 1.4Stages of 1.5Localization 1.6Metastasis 1.7Diagnostics 1.8Treatment 2Ewing's sarcoma in children, symptoms, treatment 2.1Symptoms 2.2Diagnostics 2.3Treatment 2.4Forecast 3Ewing's sarcoma 3.1Causes and predisposing factors of Ewing sarcoma development 3.2Localization and metastasis of Ewing's sarcoma 3.3Treatment of Ewing's sarcoma 3.4Prognosis for Ewing s...

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Tendonitis of the knee joint: treatment

Content 1How to cure tendonitis of the knee joint? 1.1What are the causes of the disease? 1.2Symptoms 1.3Carrying out of diagnostic researches 1.4Treatment and rehabilitation of the knee joint 1.5Medication Therapy 1.6Physiotherapy 1.7Physiotherapy 1.8Operation 1.9Folk treatment 1.10Immobilization of the knee 1.11Preventive actions 2Tendonitis of the knee joint 2.1Symptoms of tendonitis of the knee joint 3Attributes of tendonitis of the knee joint and ways to treat it 3.1...

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Nano plaster for back pain: instruction

Content 1Nano patch for back pain - reviews, instructions, price 1.1Causes of pain in the back 1.2Mechanism of therapeutic effect of nano patch 1.3Indication for the use of a nanopatch 1.4Instructions on the use of a therapeutic agent 1.5Recommendations for use and contraindications 1.6Existing contraindications and the price of the product 2How to use a nano patch for back pain: reviews and instructions for using a nano patch 2.1Why use nano patch 2.2Indication for the use of ...

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Nutrition in the hernia of the lumbar spine

Content 1Nutrition in the hernia of the lumbar spine 1.1General recommendations 1.2Water regime 1.3Without which it is impossible to do without 1.4Useful for hernia defects products 1.5What foods are harmful 2Nutrition in the intervertebral hernia of the lumbar region 2.1Why is diet important? 2.2The Importance of Vitamin Therapy 2.3Required trace elements 2.4What is needed for cartilage tissue 2.5Principles of proper nutrition 3Nutrition in the hernia of the lumbar spine ...

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Arthritis of the fingers: symptoms, treatment

Content 1The first symptoms of arthritis of the fingers, prevention and treatment 1.1Causes 1.2Symptoms of Arthritis of the fingers 1.3Treatment of arthritis of fingers 1.4Folk remedies 1.5Prevention 2Arthritis of the fingers: symptoms, treatment 2.1Causes of Arthritis 2.2Symptoms of arthritis of the joints of the fingers 3Arthritis of the hands 3.1Why arthritis of the hands develops 3.2How is the disease manifested? 3.3Classification of arthritis 3.4Features of treatment...

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Walking on knees with knee and hip joint arthrosis

Content 1What gives therapeutic knee-walking: the benefit or harm of exercise with arthrosis and other conditions - 6 facts 1.11. Relieves the symptoms of arthritis and arthrosis 1.22. Promotes weight loss 1.33. Improves vision and normalizes metabolism 1.44. Improves blood flow to the brain and limbs 1.55. Stimulates the work of the digestive tract and genitourinary system 1.66. Heals the spine and trains the heart 1.7Potential harm and contraindications to performance 2Scandin...

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Damage to the knee joint meniscus: symptoms and treatment

Content 1Meniscus of the knee joint - symptoms and treatment of pathologies and injuries 1.1Number of meniscuses in the musculoskeletal system 1.2Anatomical structure of the knee 1.3Biomechanics 1.4Causes of problems with meniscus 1.5Types of mechanical injuries meniscus 1.6Symptoms of the Meniscus 1.7Diagnosis of meniscus damage 1.8Treatment of the knee meniscus 1.9Emergency treatment 1.10Phytotherapy plus alternative medicine 2Meniscus of the knee joint - symptoms of ruptur...

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Inflammation of the joints of the fingers: treatment

Content 1Inflammation of the joints of the fingers: treatment with drugs and folk remedies 1.1What is arthritis? 1.2Readers often study together with this material: 1.3The editor has found for you two more interesting materials: 1.4Diseases similar in clinical picture with arthritis 1.5How can you help yourself with folk remedies? 1.6Potato infusion 1.7Potato Compress 1.8Tincture of lilac flowers (similarly used chestnut flowers) 1.9Paraffin therapy at home 1.10Solutions for ora...

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